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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Political Reality

The reality of the 50 different state elections that will determine who will next sit in the Oval Office is bleak for D's.


Tomorrow is another day.

We are nine months from Election Day - several eternities in the world of Washington politics.

Losing candidates who are able to wield the machinery of the US Government can be very dangerous people.



  1. I don't think Obama should be counted out. I still say he will win. I think the D's are just letting the R's implode, for now. They have their candidate already.

    You make a good point. He has many resources available to help with his fight. Many. This includes Occupy, Unions, the FSA, on the .civ side, and a simmering war on the .mil side. Then there's the civilian .gov folks... Against a slick liberal Republican who everyone hates but will vote for anyway.

    Its a false choice, like choosing between Stalin and Lenin, only toned down a bit.


  2. Its a false choice, like choosing between Stalin and Lenin, only toned down a bit.

    Soros said there wasn't much difference between the two. Posted.

  3. The Titanic would have survived a head-on impact with the iceberg. It's bow would have been crushed but in the process would have absorbed enough energy to spare most of the compartments from flooding. The grazing blow flooded enough compartments for it to sink.

    The country is close enough to the iceberg that there is no avoiding a collision.

    A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for attempting to steer the ship clear, dooming it to the grazing but fatal blow.

    In short, voting for the Establisment Republican will simply be business as usual: a slow but steady progression toward communism. The Bolsheviks' (I refuse to call them democratic) recklessness was their undoing in 2010.

  4. Political reality indeed.

  5. Watch, read and review these. It gives better ways to offer resistance. And remember the county sheriff is in a better position to resist. Mine is a constitutional officer. Is yours? NO? Then get busy. ALL politics are local.




  6. If Romney is the Dead Elephant nominee, the Kenyan Usurper could well be re-elected. It ain't a dunn deal.

    Are our memories so short? Do we not recall the hypo-gonadal Good Ol'boy Bob running against the most corrupt (up until his time) occupant of the Office the Nation had seen? How well did Robert Milquetoast do against a sociopath bent on power with no Constitutional restraint?

  7. I kind of have to laugh when people start with all the hyperbole. Is Longbow talking about Clinton as the "sociopath bent on power with no Constitutional restraint?" I mean, really? What about the guy after him that started all the wars?

    And he was the most corrupt President? What about Nixon? I don't mind differences of opinion but for heaven's sake, work with facts.


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