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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Breaching is a topic about which I know a thing or two...

...the purpose of a chainsaw, with all tactical advantages and disadvantages considered, befuddles me.

Noisy, slow, gives your bad guy inside plenty of time to take aim at the door.

You expect boobytraps on the hinged or knob edges? That argues even more strongly for avoiding the door entirely.

Anyway...wrong apartment.

They note in the story that the true target was arrested in the end, from the proper apartment.

I suspect they did not do the chainsaw trick twice...I'd bet they just knocked, or just arrested him when he curiously stuck his head into the hall to see what f'n idiot was running a chainsaw...



  1. Chainsaw in my damned door?

    That's why they make MK318 and 12 gauge slugs.

    Stupid idiot bastards.


  2. My first thought was "Chainsaw?! I could have two or three rounds through the door before they broke through." Oh well, sucks to be them...

  3. You fellas are overlooking the bright side of all of this...The federals are obviously forgetting the critical principles of CQC: Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action...The amateur hour performances we've seen recently demonstrated between this example of the feds fucking up, and the Morgan-Weber Joint Narcotics Strike Team, demonstrates that, for the trained liberty-minded individual, there's really not so much to fear, after all...

    Two or three rounds through the door? You'd have ample time to put an entire 30-round magazine of searching fire through the door, and the walls on both sides....say about hip level....

    John Mosby
    Somewhere in the mountains

    1. I'm with Mr. Mosby here. Keep shootin till ya ain't got no more left.

  4. They WANTED someone to start firing.

    Even though, that's what would have happened if that were my door.

    Dumb asses.


  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWbIxFKtTmE

  6. They use the John Belushi apology afterward... a shrug of the shoulders and "Uh, sorry."



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