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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Consider a gold-rich China

So, the Commies in China are buying gold - lots of it at a fast pace.


What might they know?

What might they have planned? Perhaps a well-timed push of the dollar over the edge of the cliff?

Here's the story.



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  1. We live in a time when standing armies, vast navies, advanced fighter jets and even nuclear missiles are increasingly no longer necessary to break another nation's will to fight, largely because nations have become so heavily entangled economically and electronically. The age of force-on-force warfare may be coming to a close.

    Why send soldiers into battle when you can cripple an enemy's economy through financial machinations, or destroy their infrastructure through cyber attack? Physical combat would be limited to guerrilla warfare, which itself could serve as a proxy for governments when economic and electronic means are insufficient.

    Right now is China's best chance to destroy their main rival, without firing a single shot.


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