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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iran: You're next...

The image is of an Iranian soldier on exercises at the Strait of Hormuz.

According to sources, the US is massing troops and gear on two islands south of the Strait, currently 100,000 strong, in what many people are convinced will be an assault on Iran.

It is an election year, afterall. Americans often rally toward a President when the country is fighting.

Ah, say you - but this is different. Iran hasn't done anything to us. If the President moves without a casus belli, he'll be attacked from his Left as well as the Right.

Now put your cynical cap on. Think provocation. Think about 100,000 American servicemen bottled-up on two islands within striking range of Iran. Think about them as bait. Think about Iran taking the bait and slaughtering them with a salvo of missiles loaded with Chem/Bio.

There is your casus belli. We manufactured such a casus belli in WWII when we forced Japan into attacking, by choking off her supply lines into the islands. We were strangling Japan, and she had two choices - fight or submit.

We are putting Iran into the same position, with a very attractive and easy target to hit.

Whenever you consider the actions of our Political Class, I would counsel you to be as cynical as you can manage. Only then will you be close to understanding of what they are capable.



  1. The most simple way to understand the actions of the Imperial Federal Gubmint is to just think of the most evil, most corrupt, most unethical course of action - and there you have it!

  2. I am very pleased to hear someone else say that the US forced Japan's hand.

    This is mostly unknown or unrecognized.

    I have no doubts we will attack Iran. No one who visits my place can fail to miss my opinion on this subject.

    The US that emerges from that war will not, in any way, resemble the one that enters it.

  3. 100,000 troops hit with chemical, bioloical, or simply thousands of conventional warheads would kill enough of them to being back the draft. What better way for a president to say he solved the unemployment problems he and his fellow collectivists created than to conscript them all. What better way to create enough stormtroopers to put down a rebellion.

  4. Kobar Towers, Beruit, USS Cole, none of them were on US Soil. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were on US Soil. Makes a difference in the propaganda necessary to go to war.

    And missiles won't kill "thousands" at all, without actual nukes chem and bio warheads are about as effective as conventional warheads. How many SCUDS did Saddam launch at Israel? How low was the death toll again?

    I agree that the US is building up capabilities in the Middle East. I do not agree that an attack on the US Military outside of native US Soil will bring about enough public support for war, especially not after Iraq and Afghanistan have sucked up more than a decade of effort.

    People expect that US Service members to go into harms way, so killing off a few makes "fallen heros", not wars.


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