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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Those silly, weak-spirited Europeans...

We've been watching Germany slowly conquer Europe again, this time without a single Panzer firing its engine.

Andrea Merkel has managed to get 25 of the 27 EU nations to yield to her will - considerably.

It is fascinating to watch foreigners surrender their independence and liberties to a central government and Banksters without a struggle...

...oh, wait...

You know we are doing the same thing here, without a whimper.

Only we can stop it.



  1. Those nations who are surrendering their sovereignty did so when they signed on to the EU.

    They reinforced this through irresponsibility.

    I would like to see Germany say FU and provide no funds at all to save irresponsible nations.

    No sympathy is forthcoming from me, however. Every one of those EU nations will pay the price for surrendering their sovereignty to the EU. Everyone is just now realizing it- now that the Germans are shouldering the burden of others' failures.

    Funny thing is, in doing so, Germany is surrendering her sovereignty as well, and will be brought low like the rest.

    We have no excuse. Europe is steeped in subservience and collectivism. The US sees the result, and still wants it.



  2. No doubt about it Brothers! We're about to enter the gaping maul of some awful shit! We know what's gonna need doing. Be ready....



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