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Friday, January 6, 2012


Check the graphic Curtis posted from a Sheriff's SEAL wannabe squad.

My take on the "Serve a Warrant - Get Served" post: The guy in the house should face Zero legal jeopardy for defending himself against a home invasion force of state employees.

Using or selling drugs are two of those unalienable Natural Rights, even if the state has deemed the activity to be illegal.  When LEO comes to arrest you for it,  their actions are immoral and your arrest would be unlawful, thereby you are justified in defending yourself by any means necessary.

That's my position, anyway.  LEO and the state disagree, obviously.

And the state will not permit your Countrymen to nullify, so you will lose...until we are rid of these animals in power.

Here's the link to Curtis.


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  1. Finally! An adversary in worse shape than I am. Thanks for the inspiration...


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