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Friday, January 6, 2012

Serve a Warrant - Get Served


Several have sent me this story - thanks for the heads-up.

LEO served a warrant and got handed their asses.  6 LEO shot, one DOA.

One person "...suspected of drug activity..." wounded.

The injured officers were identified as Sgt. Nate Hutchinson with the Weber County Sheriff's Office; and Jason Vanderwarf, Shawn Grogan, Kasey Burrell and Michael Rounkles. CNN affiliate KSL said Vanderwarf is with the Roy, Utah, police and Grogan, Burrell and Rounkles are Ogden officers.

Be sure to send flowers.

You will see this again.  And again. 

CNN's version, here.

Another version, here.

Note to LEO: Stop acting like thugs & gang bangers, you'll stop being treated like thugs & gang bangers.

But you won't stop.  You'll use this as an excuse to come heavier and harder.

What will you do when Citizens stop waiting for you at home?  What will you do when they start hunting?  What will you do when they come to your house?

Because it will happen.  Real Americans do not tolerate animals roaming free indefinitely.

Think about it.



  1. Hmmm. I would curious to know how one person killed one and wounded 5 heavily armed LEOs.

  2. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/53237543-78/officers-police-ogden-stewart.html.csp

    According to Utah court records, Stewart’s only criminal conviction is for a class B misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle without insurance from 2005. Following a bench trial in the Weber County Justice Court, Stewart was found guilty and ordered to pay a $350 fine. Court records show the fine was paid in full.

  3. The only good cop is a ....

    I have little use for a scoundrel with a badge and a gun.


  4. New responses you published (again) appear to be 'scripted' = police are the good guys, shooter the bad guy. Not saying anything given I do not know the details but would like to know why the heavy presence (for warrent) and why the 'shooter' responded the way he did. Thinking (to myself) that if I did not hear a knock on my door and all of a sudden, it was kicked in, I would probably start shooting also (with the corresponding scripted news artical) of, "cops are the good guys and the shooter was...fill in the blank....".

  5. So what can we take away from this?

    1) If you've had your Wheaties one person can chop up a LEO stack pretty well. This fellow managed to do it and live. How? I'm assuming iron in hand and determination to use it.

    2) This particular LEO team is done for the night. If this was the first stop on a list everyone else gets the precious gift of more time.

    3) We see the LEOs at the press conference were fighting back tears. That suggests breaking them as a unit wouldn't be too hard. What shape will they be in after 3 or 4 more episodes like this? Pissed off for sure but probably done if they keep putting six in ambulances each time.

  6. Brings a quote to mind: "Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated, but one thing is sure - any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen." - Col. Jeff Cooper

  7. Maybe if they would have behaved like PEACE OFFICERS instead of armed entry thugs,the result would have been more PEACEABLE.

    Live by the sword,die by the sword.

  8. I agree, extexanwannabe, information like that might prove valuable someday.

  9. Ontoliberty nailed it. As I said a short while back, a warrant service doesn't require a "strike team" unless they are dealing with a hardened criminal with a history of violent armed behavior. I'm a former peace officer, and I'd like to shake this guy's hand.

    I also said that this would be the result when they come up against someone who knows what they are doing "SWAT" or not. If Jose Guerena had been paying better attention to the state of today's law enforcement, perhaps he would have done a little better, too.

  10. again this shows us a valuable lesson.

    This was a "SWAT" team. Each had a 30rd mag + 13 rd pistol. 165 rounds.

    And he was not seriously injured.

    Yep, they shoot like shit.

  11. I see these organzied criminals are now wearing "Multicam", the latest and greatest (and most expensive) cammie fatigues and military standard boots. Gives them the "we're militarized" look.

    Good, easier to shoot them if they're not wearing ordinary cop uniforms.

    What stands out with this event is that what we expected or should have expected, the intended victim of this "warrant service" was able to shoot seven of them before being wounded severely enough for him to surrender, a pretty good exchange ratio. We do need to find out what weapon he was using that enabled such a good ratio. If each of us can take out seven of "them", they'll stop.

    Also, note they characterization of the intended victim as a "person suspected of drug involvement", but with no specificity of any kind. The cops will gin that up later. Has anyone seen the warrant, or will that be "sealed" like the Waco warrant was, or was the warrant "on the way" at the time of the home invasion?

    Lots of details we need, tactical details.

  12. If my home is invaded, an invader might meet my Saiga shotgun will full mags, loaded alternately with buck and slugs. I would probably aim for the crotch, then the head.

    Cops these days have the attitude that whatever it was they did, it was the right thing to do, because it was them what dunnit. When they fuck-up and murder a suspect, or worse, one of their own, they lie. They know full well that the "Brothers of the Super Hero Costume and Magic Shield" will cover their lie. They can always do a character assassination on their "target", knowing full well the press will publish their slander no matter how outrageous it is. They have not faced much resistance until now.

  13. A six to one ratio is very impressive. Especially considering that the JBTs were armed with fully automatic weapons, wore body armor and probably trained by the military (many SWAT teams are).

  14. I have posted a response to an issue similar to this and close to our hearts that I wish every American should read and consider. They are coming for us. Please see my posts relevency at http://www.whatisaplanner.com/Death%20of%20Freedom.htm . I hope that the moderator can see its importance. We must be prepared.

  15. I can't back it up but there's speculation Matt fired only once or twice, or not at all and a LEO had an accidental discharge that set off all the firing. Somebody yelled "Officer down!" and everybody cut loose. The casualties were all blue on blue if the speculation is right.

  16. Anon 8:30,

    Part of me hopes (and believes it likely) you are right - especially if they killed their own man - as that would be incredible poetic justice, but part of me hopes he was simply more effective in his response.

    Anon with the Saiga: glad to hear someone else uses my targeting regime. I'm torn between 12 ga and 7.62x51, but a crotch hit with 00 - with the potential to take out one or both femoral arteries for a quick bleed out - is my preference for a stack entering my house. If I have time to respond when they are at a distance, forming up, then 7.62 rules.

  17. I would just like to point out, for those not aware of the current order of battle of the United States Army, that 1/19th Special Forces Group, a part of the Utah Army National Guard, is headquarted just south of there, along the Wasatch Front, in Draper, UT. Having served in that unit, I know a large number of Ogden LEOs and Weber Co Deputies, are also qualified Special Forces NCOs.....much to my chagrin....

  18. VINDEX - Since "this blog is about issues" and "NOT about Kerodin" your post and link was allowed to stand apparently and justifiably so. There is a great deal of information available at your link.

    Thank you Kerodin for allowing it to stand.

    Yes. They are coming. Yes they will be defeated. But only when men realize that they alone can defend their liberties and families and take the necessary actions to put an end to this. By this I reference VINDEX site above.

    Read the articles posted. Understand the enormity of the problem we face. We are meeting the enemy and they are, in fact, our ignorant selves.

    This will be a long and torturous road but no other is available to take us where we must go.



  19. Saw over at Balko's blog in the comments that this Utah shooting is in the same town as the one from last year, the Tom Blair case (guy with golf club shot by swat).

  20. If the police had stuck with old fashion police work stuff like this would never had started to be the norm. When you continue to send the infantry people get tired of it and feel so intimidated that they strike back. If one deputy had approached it would have probably been a peaceful resolution. Swat teams and the likes are out of control.


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