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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deacon Matson has it...

Do you still wonder why GunWalker did not result in the departure of Attorney General Holder?


We have explained it many times on this blog.

You think he is Bad People.  But that is a matter of perspective.  To the other folks you consider to be Bad People, he is a successful Battlefield General.

He'll leave, one day.  But it will be on his terms.  Sure, he may even let you "think" he's leaving because of some perceived scandal.  That will simply be spin for political gain.

Eric Holder is a serious asset to those in power.

Deacon posts the latest example of why this is so...


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  1. Holder is a POS who deserves a jail cellin in Leavenworth right next to the illegal and unconstitutional Indonesian obama. But worse than Holder and obama are Congress who have failed their oaths by NOT charging obama with high crimes and misdemeanors.



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