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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dio finds VIPR on the way to Bill Nye's place

VIPR is apparently very active in Tennessee, with full-blown Stasi tactics in place.

I'm hearing ZERO in MSM about it.

I'm hearing ZERO across blogs from Tennessee about it.

I'm seeing ZERO from Tennessee militia folks about it.

Use this information as you will.

Here's the link to Rich's place.



  1. I have resisted making this statement for the most part due to my belief that no one cares but here in New Mexico, about Dec. 20, 2011 I witnessed the State Police shutting down the southbound lanes of I-25 (major north/south interstate) at a location where no one would see it coming. Nothing in the news. I think that this was some type of 'sweep' but I suspect that those with a BOV (bug out vehical) would be hard pressed to not get turned back to their home area without recourse. Very frightening - goodby 4th. Amendment.

  2. The 4th Amendment has been dead for years along with the entire Constitution. Hell, obama fails to meet "natural born"citizen requirements of the Constitution. Yet his ass is kissed by Congress who swore an oath to defend and support the Constitution. In the meantime they let the illegal Indonesian crap all over them and the Constitution. I want to choke people who give obama legitimacy by addressing him as "president". He's not my president nor anyone elses president. He is a fucking criminal.


  3. I've seen one white DHS Chevy Suburban in a neighboring state last summer.

    I flipped him off.


    I haven't seen any VIPER squads in Indiana, or any evidence that they are setting anything up, but with my job, I feel like it is just a matter of time before I get an up close and personal experience with these FedTurds.

    Depending on which state I'm in when it happens, things could go south real quick-like.

    I don't like my chances...


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