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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Found at Kenny's place

Question: Is it okay to kidnap a traitor and try them and sentence them, using laws on the books as well as the US Constitution, by a people’s court, when there is no longer any rule of law in our government?

This is the time to find our allies, folks.

Here's the link. Read the comments, too.



  1. I think it's a swell idea. Read the comments as well.
    I can appreciate the shear terror a mask wearing person would strike in the minds of most people,though i wouldn't wear one myself if it came to such tactics.

    The ideas are tried and true,and history is full of such happenings.....


  2. Traitors like the nearly entire US Congress who voted to dismantle due process and the US Constitution with their passing of the National Defense Authorization Act? You mean traitors like this scum John McCain who wrote the NDAA in secret with the scum Levin D-MI ? We'd have our work cut out for us, eh ?



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