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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Direct Taxes Bad...Inflation is insult to injury

Many people tend to look upon our Founding Generation as the beginning of time, ignoring the fact that our Founders had extensive world experience and were far better educated than the average American today.

There is a reason they ratified a Constitution with indirect taxes, rather than direct taxes.

They had plenty of personal experience with personal taxes, and history was filled with examples of why and how direct taxes inhibit Liberty.

They chose a different tax system to finance Government.

Bad People outnumber Good People. It has always been so, and it will always be so. There will always be a gang of people willing to take what you have or beat you into servitude, while finding a gang of people to break you out of such servitude is a much harder task.

Direct taxes are evil.

Evil men, beginning with Alexander Hamilton, began imposing their will upon their Countrymen long before the Constitution was ever ratified. More Evil men simply waited for Jefferson and his followers to die out in sufficient numbers before imposing direct taxes. The dry run was Lincoln. Not long after that we had the 16th Amendment, and the Bad People had succeeded in crippling Liberty. Every day since has seen the strengthening of those who would tax their fellow man, and the weakening of Liberty.

Direct taxation is theft. It is enslavement. It is malum in se, evil in and of itself.

How can Bad People squeeze you even further after imposing taxes? They build into the system a rate of inflation. The Fed demands a minimum 2% annual increase - which means our Masters take 2% more of your wealth every year, without having to raise your taxes or put their hands on you.

Those who tax are the Slavers of our time. They live off the sweat of your brow, parasitically.

Rather than secession, which is a mental bridge-too-far for popular consumption, find a State that is willing to declare: We will only accept the terms of the Constitution within our borders. FedGov, you will meet our troops at our borders if you infringe any of our Citizens beyond the terms of the Constitution, as ratified.

Now, there is an argument that falls within the mental grasp of even our modern mental midgets...er...Countrymen.

Constitution Good *uhg* Taxes Bad *uhg*

Find a state with seaports and natural resources, and elect a State Government that will support a Governor who will point State guns at Federal LEO...

It doesn't need to be a big, powerful state...just one with the mettle to back up their line in the sand. A state with Citizens who truly mean they will Live Free or Die.

I'd move there, tomorrow.

It isn't as difficult as one might think. You look at the electoral process and think it will take several cycles to vote out your current state legislators. You see an even harder road to the Governor's Mansion.

You are not thinking like our Founding Generation.

Just ask Governor Hutchinson...

If you want to break the grip of evil men, break their true power: Direct Taxation.

Everything else will fall into place quickly.


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  1. Kerodin,
    I am a resident in NH, several of my friends and I truly embrace the "Live Free or Die" ethic. We have an overwhelming chance at the Governorship this year. The state legislature in conjunction with a new Governor, might affect some serious changes long overdue here. Taxes are not bad, and we stand a chance at Constitutional carry like nearby Vermont....


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