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Thursday, January 26, 2012

R's eating their own

Are you following the R Primary race?

I do. It is a blood sport...and that may turn literal in the wake of the outcome of November.

Opportunity always presents itself, often obfuscated in uncertainty, when the existing Powers quibble and risk the Status Quo to decide who is to be head hog at the trough.

Watch them, hope for the best - that they so wound one another that opportunity presents when imminent implosion follows - and we can shake off the tentacles of slavery that have been growing deeper into our society for 150 years.

No other people on the planet have ever managed to do what our Founding Generation did in regard to securing personal Liberty. No other people on the planet have the DNA coding to do it again, except you and me.

It won't be easy. It wasn't the first time.

It won't be done with a rifle...and it won't be done without a rifle, either.

Many will die, many more will risk everything, to know Liberty...just as happened the first time.

Unless, our blood has been so watered-down that we won't even try...

The window of opportunity is not open yet, and it will close quickly. It will happen at a time of turmoil among the Masters, or it will never happen again.



  1. Let them feast.

    Let it burn.

    Too many people think this is a game, about sterile stories and concepts.

    It is not a game.


  2. AP, you are correct, this is no game. This is a struggle that God has placed upon our shoulders. All of us are here at the present time for a reason. We chose to be here for the struggle becacuse our souls were summoned at this time and place. I know not the final outcome, but have to know the "final" outcome is favorable to justice and Liberty!



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