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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fed considers more QE.

Quantitative easing is nothing more than printing money and giving it to banks.

The net effect is that it devalues the dollar bill in your pocket.  It is simple supply-demand reality.  The more of any item, the cheaper its cost.  It is no different with dollars - if there are more of them, they are less costly, with a corresponding reduction in the cost to buy goods and services.

If you have a $10 bill in your pocket on Tuesday and Quantitative Easing is undertaken Wednesday, your $10 bill now has the buying power of less than $10.

The premise is identical to a man standing before you and holding a .45 to your wife's face and demanding one of your $5 bills.  It is theft.

How is it any different when a bureaucrat does it from Washington?

It isn't different.  One is lawful, the other is not.  But they are both theft., and moral violations.  Both impact your ability to buy groceries and otherwise get $10 worth of good or services.

Why should the bureaucrat have any more legal protection than the thief with the .45?

He shouldn't.

Think about that when you have had enough.  Don't bother targeting the bad guy with the .45 - find the guy with the computer who can steal the value of your money (and your house/car/groceries) through the legalized theft of Quantitative Easing.  Then focus on every bureaucrat and politician and Bankster who facilitates the act.

Identify the proper targets, and this war for Liberty will be over faster, cleaner, and more judicially.

And in case you wonder: The Kerodin Doctrine is 100% supportive of Citizen Trials.  Just use valid arguments and stay away from prejudices as you deliver sentences and punishments.  You may be surprised how effective a sentence will be if you order the guilty party to leave the country within 24 hours, or face a more harsh sentence.

How do I justify the moral validity of Citizen Trials?  We the People institutied our Governments o perform cts on our behalf.  When those people in our Governments refuse to do the work we have authorized, we reserve the right to strip them of their sole authority and do the work ourselves.

When you hire a carpenter to frame in a new wall, you do not adbdicate all responsibility to ensure the wall is built properly.  You can fire the carpenter.  You can tell him to do it differently.  You can pick up your own hammer and help him do it the way you want it.  But you never abdicate control over the project.

When a politician stops doing the work we have authorized, trat him like a carpenter.

Here's the QE story.


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  1. The huge decline of morals in this Nation is why we are where we are now. We touched on that in our conversation.
    Everything else just follows that right off the edge,and we've been peering into the precipice way to long.....



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