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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Kerodin Doctrine

Pic sent by Mike C - Thanks, Mike!

It is impossible for any serious person to accept the so-called 99% as thinking, sentient beings if you have ever been beyond American borders into parts of the world where people exist on 2-3 dollars each day.  $4 is a very good day for a very significant population on the planet.

The level of stupidity about the real world that is packed into the average Occupy camp defies comprehension by rational people.  How do we possibly undo a lifetime of indoctrination suffered by these poor idiots at the hands of social engineers (Communists) in the schools and universities?  It can be done, but most people would not be able to watch one of these 99% morons go through the Awakening process.

You see, when a man runs his mouth like a person who's never had his nose bloodied, then a properly applied elbow strike to the nose instills an instant understanding of the real world for the poor fool.  What about the college-educated, dirty, unwashed, foul-mouthed rapists at Occupy camps who think it is a hardship when they have to eat ice cream scooped by Ben & Jerry, or accept handouts from $30 burger joints?  Stop feeding them.  Let them understand the simple concept my Uncle had at his place when I was a kid - don't do chores through the day, you don't eat at night.

Ask any "Poverty-stricken" black man or woman if they'd like to be part of the "Poverty Class" in any country in Africa.  I have asked that question more than 50 times to folks living in bad (by American standards) circumstances, and never once did a single "poor" person in DC think they'd rather be in Africa.

The biggest hardship faced by the 99% here is how to charge their smartphones while camping in the middle of the city.

Here is my answer to our 99% problem, which is really a FSA problem: Make them leave America.  Put them on a bus across the border, a ship or a plane to another land.  If they don't like those ideas, get the herd moving and make them flee to the border, either in a car they appropriate, or running ahead of a determined group of Patriots who are tired of feeding, clothing and otherwise supporting their existence.

You see, I am convinced that being an American is not simply a matter of birth. Yes, you are an American by birth if you are born here, but remaining American carries responsibilities.  You can forfeit your right to be recognized as an American, folks.  And real Americans have the Right to kick you from the Tribe.

It isn't PC.  It isn't nice.  It is, indeed, harsh and rough.  But if you threaten the existence of the Tribe with your foolish demands that the Tribe is responsible for feeding you Cheetos that the Tribe has earned through hard work...that simply isn't American and you do not have any moral right to remain.

And frankly, many of us have had just about our fill of such foolishness.

Yes, we are the minority these days.  You slackers and FSA advocates outnumber us exponentially.  But ask me who I think has the advantage in a fight between a 50 year old trucker who believes in American Ideals and 10 or 12 FSA slugs...even if those slugs are protected by LEO.  My money goes on the Trucker, folks.  Every time.

America today is like a magnificent pie made by the loving hands of the bestest woman in your life.  She made it with care and love.  She put the best ingredients in it.  Then some idiot pours in a pound of salt.  What is she to do?  She scoops out the salt...every last grain of it.

Then we have our cake, again.

Same-same with the FSA, Communists, slackers, Banksters, mortgage hustlers, and general idiots who do not respect your Natural and Constitutional Rights.

Kick them out.  Then we have the Founder's republic again.




  1. I won't support anybody that refuses to try to carry his own weight.

    I've been trying to come up with a coherent post about why I did not and will never support OWS, whatever they were.

    Good post.

    1. A good point to start when you are trying to explain why you oppose something is this:

      Slip yourself into the mindset that you support "A".

      Now, try to build an argument for that that makes sense to you. Be honest, and use all your mental faculties to truly build a case for "A".

      Now, mentally set it up at 100 yds and begin shooting holes in it.

      Argue against your argument.

      This method often results in short-term confusion, but long-term learning.

      My $.02.


  2. Hey though, before we kick them out, can we use them as catalyst?

    Can we use them to drive change? Can we use their coming conflicts with authorities to drive chaos, escalation, and unmasking?

    There has never been a better chance to demonstrate the horrors of Marxism to the entire nation. We make fun of them as uneducated, spoiled, unrealistic kids, and this may be for the most part (my "occupy" contacts are anything but this) true, but what is driving this for-now-mostly-comical-and-harmless-cannon-fodder is far more malevolent than most "occupy" joke makers acknowledge.

    All that must be done is for these people to be stirred, agitated, and driven to escalate their tactics.

    Then, you'll see Threeper growth.

    And, besides all that, what is coming to this nation is going to meet most of your desired ends, and do it naturally. Mr. Malthus is not long denied vindication.

    This illegitimate government, this ponzi scheme, this aberration of nature is coming to an end. This is just logic and math at this point, IMO.


  3. Still $1 a day for many in Vietnam. I remember talking to an ex-VNCH soldier who stated that he and his wife cleared about $30 a month with his sandwich street cart and his dream was to be able to make $50.


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