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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hearts & Minds is futile

Some in our community see value in trying to win hearts and minds.

I take the position that we only have one course to follow: Win. 

I will spend energy to find allies who have awakened, but have not yet found our community.  If I happen to change a mind or two in my travels, so be it. 

The futility of trying to change minds and win hearts is demonstrated by the Columbia University professor who will give credit to her students for participating in Occupy.  So far as I know, there was no credit given for participating in Tea Party events.  This is just one more blatant case that showcases the bias in our education system, from kindergarten through Graduate school.

We can not compete with the entrenched Enemies of Liberty who dominate what your children see, hear, learn and experience.

All we can do is win. 

By any means necessary.

For without victory, there can be no survival...

Here's the Columbia piece.


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  1. I as a recently returned vet from Afghanistan, was offered a 50% scholarship to their institution. I told em to shove it, and to never contact me again. A Marine attending there was drowned out while trying to make a presentation for one of his classes. Liberal shit hole.....



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