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Monday, January 2, 2012


2.1 million registered voters in Iowa.

Yet only about 100,000 folks will participate in the GOP Caucus process.

5% assume the responsibility of Citizenship and participate.

5% of the voters in Iowa will have a tremendous impact on the process of electing the next President.

That remaining 95%: They are mostly the folks who will line up against Constitutionalists.

A significant portion of the 5% will also line up against Constitutionalists.  About 20% believe in Mitt Romney's brand of R politics, for instance.  Another 20% or so line up behind Santorum.  So, right off the bat you have 40% or so who are voting for war with Iran, continued Entitlements, et cetera.

2.1 million registered voters and at most 30,000 are expected to cast a vote for Ron Paul and his ideals.

Of those 30,000, how many are willing to stand with the III on the Green.  How many are physically able?  Grim.

Apply this formula to the broader population.

There are roughly 55 million registered R voters.

If we assume 5% will stand with Ron Paul you end up with 2.75 million people.  Again, filter out those who are unwilling and those who are unable to take the Green.

You need more of everything on your 2A shelf.

Use this information as you will.


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  1. Add in a few percent for those who are Constitutionalist or Independent registered and therefore unable to vote in a Repub primary. A percent or two who are not really happy with either Romney or Paul (or the others).A half percent or so for those who simply don't think it matters or their vote counts but are none the less currently informed and then top all that off with those who are blind until the first whip really cracks down on them.

    Seriously the largest part of the III percent that will rise when the occasion demands are still asleep. Much like those men who have no clue how family courts will devour them or still believe there is some justice in the way family law is practiced in this country until they become the victim. Once they get a taste of it, once they are taxed enough, legislated enough and have their face rubbed in it the numbers will swell.

    We only got to 3% during the Revolution when the countryside was faced with pillaging redcoats and the militia was raised.


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