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Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Man Ruckus?

Are people beginning to step off the porch?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

The arsons in LA are interesting.

And someone rocked a mosque in NYC with a molotov cocktail.

An Iraq vet is on the run in Washington State after killing a Park Ranger during a traffic stop.

Denninger asked the same questions I was entertaining in my brain case.

Whether any or all of these events turn out to be One Man Ruckus events will be revealed in time.  But this is what it will look like.  Pushing the wrong person on the wrong day can have unexpected and dire consequences.

It will only take a few genuine events motivated by anger at Government abuse to lure many people off the porch.

Be careful for what you wish...



  1. interesting probable cause for the stop. I just read a great article on how the feds have absolutely no law enforcement jurisdiction what so ever and the article cited the court cases to prove it. Only the Sheriff has any authority.

  2. Saw this news this morning.


    Don't know if he thought it would be cool to have it or was he part of something else?

  3. Running into an unexpected checkpoint may be the line for some, as in _Neither Predator Nor Prey_. Wonder why a Park Ranger was conducting a checkpoint, and why doing it solo? Not too bright on her supervisor's part.

  4. According to this: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/03/us-crime-explosives-airplane-idUSTRE8010TL20120103

    Airport dude is a Green Beret which tells me this is a highly unusual situation. I know SF standards have dropped somewhat to meet the expansion requirements, but this is too much.

    re the LA arsons, I'd like to learn more about how he did it. That's a lot of fires and the targets seemed fully engulfed rather efficiently. I can't see how he was breaking car glass that many times before torching. Notice also how it didn't take Sauron's Eye very long to find the perp and end his operation. Lots of lessons here.


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