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Sunday, January 1, 2012

NDAA & the circulating Declaration of War

Most of us have seen the Declaration of War that is circulating as a result of NDAA.  Several of you have sent me copies, and I have read them on blogs.

If you haven't seen it, here is a version at AP's place.

This Declaration is getting wide attention beyond just our community, and that is good.

But is it not just another toothless line in the sand that will not be defended?

So the men and women in Government have declared their authority to treat you as an enemy combatant and send you to Gitmo.  The key word is declared.  To date they have not done it.  So, it is a threat.

And we have declared a state of war in response?  Where is the shooting?  Where is the war?  If you sign on to this thing, are you leaving the porch now?  Have you identified the first targets you intend to disappear?

More likely it will rise to the level of a bit of sabre-rattling and then we'll let it reside in the archive folder, just one more undefended bit of bluster.

Why do I reach this conclusion?  Because nothing has changed with the signing of the NDAA and the particular legislation that has everyone hyperventilating.

The Enemies of Liberty already claim the authority to come for you.  But they have actually been doing it for years, and to date there has been no action on any Green.  No, we bluster and rattle our sabres with cries of No more Wacos, Not one more inch, No more Ruby Ridges., and we declare that the very legitimacy of the Government has been surrendered...and we do nothing about it when agents of Government cram the ultimata down our throats, daring us to make a move when they murder Guerena or march people out of homes in Alaska.  Where is the action regarding ObamaCare, which is nothing less than mandated enslavement.  No declaration there?

State of war?  Really?

If you mean the words in the declaration, and you mean to back them up, carry on and good hunting.

I'll believe it when I see it.  Unless you are ready to step off the porch on this one, right now, I would caution that more harm will be done by disseminating this declaration than not.  The last thing we need is one more undefended line in the sand.



  1. Kerodin,

    From one perspective, I couldn't agree with you more on this: If you're not ready, right now, to leave "Momma and the babies" and take it to 'em, in an effective and decisive way, then don't sign on. This isn't about "the whites of their eyes" (which is a useful metaphor); it's about a national action by patriots in all 50 states. When one goes, everyone goes. That's the only way it'll work.

    From another perspective, I see this as a useful last-ditch warning to OPFOR because the duty to abide by the compact has been absolved with the passage and signing of the NDAA as so many constitutional protections have been obliterated. Warning? Yes. Because the last six paragraphs of the declaration stipulate when open hostilities would ensue.

    What would make it meaningless goes to your first point, which I, again, couldn't agree with you more on: If you're not ready to walk the talk, don't even think about this declaration. If there is no follow through, the declaration is meaningless.

    Most who read it are not ready to step off the porch, I'd wager. Additionally, many who would step off would not strike effectively, but would pick 'low hanging fruit' which OPFOR C2 cares little for, save to use as fodder for demonization of the patriot community.

    Good and necessary post!

  2. Thanks Trainer.

    I'd like to see this concept gain wide acceptance. I hope it does, though "State of War" is a very big phrase and I hope people don't strip it of all meaning by failing to live up to the weight it carries. Once we lose credibility it is pretty much gone for good.

    Stay safe.


  3. K you are absolutely correct.

    It is up at my site for good reason, it says what I think and feel. To your point, until the moment comes personally to step off the porch, the decleration exists only as mantra, a brass ring to reach for.

    That is all fine and good, but the meaning is lost.

    It is utter fantasy to think fed. finds any reason for hesitation in a declaration without adequate action.

    Will save it for another time.


  4. I'm with The Trainer on this. And I don't think "state of war" is too much. There are multiple kinds of warfare, as our government is so fond of demonstrating. The NDAA bill is a form of warfare in itself, as is this declaration. Let it soak in for a short while. It just might be the thing that gets people "off the porch", so to speak. It takes a spark to light a wildfire...

  5. I have drawn lines in the sand.

    They take the form of concentric circles around my family.

    Nothing in that Declaration is saber rattling.

    Read it again.

    It is an acknowledgement of the state of war FedGov has declared against the citizenry. I think if you read it again, you'll agree.

    It is not saber rattling, and I will not recant.

    It is not an announcement of offensive warfare. It is not a declaration of war.

    It is an acknowledgement of the war that is being thrust upon and declared on us.

    Read it again.


  6. Or, alternately, all of everything everyone is saying is chest thumping, and we're screwed.

    In that case, everyone should just STFU.

    Also, in that case, I'm applying for a private security firm position. ;-)



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