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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

III Caps & Gear

This is one of AP's III Caps.  I'm diggin' the OD, big time.  He also has another in camo - click here.

I just ordered a Condor tactical cap:
I'll put our III patch on the front, and I bought a name strip for the back panel.  I can't be a grey man, so I'll take point.

But I must admit, I'm not as fond of the tactical caps as I am the embroidered. 

I am very fond of the FlexFit low profile in OD, and I'll order one in the near future.

I've decided to wait in regards to ordering a batch of III caps through the 527.  There is only one reason: Price.  For the 527 to order a batch, include shipping and make a few bucks per cap, we'd have to charge at least $35 per cap.  I'd rather you guys just decide what logo you want on the cap and buy them from your favorite custom shop and save the $10 bucks (or more).

You can use the III Logos on a cap - just send the "Resist" version or the non-"Resist" to the company, and they'll do the rest.  Or you can do as AP did, and just go for a simplle III, which has a class all its own.

AP used Camotech.com, and as he says in his post, he is very satisfied.  I will contact them and see if we can negotiate a group rate using our designs, but it will take me a few days to get around to it.

I want to be very careful that America527 doesn't simply become a business for selling III gear.  I hope you understand.  There are certain items that make sense for the 527 to handle, and there are some that are best handled individually.  You can use our artwork any way you want.  Flags are one of those items that will best be handled by a custom flag shop.  Again, I'll try to arrange a group rate, but it'll be cheaper to let them handle the details.

Here's AP's link.  I'll post images of my new cap as soon as it comes in.

Fly your colors, Patriots.  Let the world know we are here.  Shake your rattle, so that when we are forced to bite, they can't say that we didn't warn them.


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  1. I would forego the caps as they are most assuredly items of crap made by slave labor in Red China or some Muslim country like Pakistan or the other communist country dumping their garbage here, Vietnam.

    Quit looking at price as a qualifier for buying a product. I wouldn't hit a dog in the ass with those junk ball caps.



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