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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LA Sheriff Deputy drops Special Needs gal with an elbow strike

UPDATE: Still can't find the names of the two deputies.  Here's a statement from LASD: At a press conference on Wednesday Sheriff Lee Baca confirmed it was his understanding the woman was homeless and had a history of mental problems.

Baca also pointed out that the woman was not arrested. She is currently held on a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

Mark my words: There will come a time in the near future when this story goes differently.  There will be a pair of double-taps, frightened witnesses, flags at half-staff, and an unknown American wanted for dropping two cops.

Feral, tyrannical Americans need not be tolerated.

UPDATE: Patriots, as you consider the video and this story, and the fact that this garbage happens across the republic with disgusting frequency, I would ask you to consider The Trainer's concept: An attack against any of us must be treated as an attack against us all. (You can read Trainer's words for yourself in this thread, here)

When we get to that point in our thinking, when we stop waiting for them at the threshold of our homes, then we begin to take back the Founder's Intent.

Think about it.

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  1. Why do you think they want us to have our cell phones jammed when we are on the road? Safety? So we can't record their abuse on our phones.

  2. CIII - Absolutely. All of our nsewers to Bad People can be found in our history. People who intend to be Masters will always be around. Lucky for us, our Founders handled them, and left us the blueprints.


  3. I first saw this story at The Blaze. I was distressed to see the majority of commenters boasting that this woman deserved it, and even if the cops were a bit overenthusiastic, they're only a part of a tiny minority of "bad apples."

    When the tanks roll through the streets, "conservatives" are going to be the first ones on the sidelines cheering their presence. Morons.

  4. Dont fret anon. When the cheerleaders make themselves known,we'll know exactly who needs pushed out beyond the borders. :-)



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