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Saturday, January 14, 2012

III Gear

My Condor tactical cap just arrived, and immediately earned a III Patch.  The patches are sturdy and thick, so a trip or two through the wash might help soften it up.  There is also a velcro strip along the back of the cap, I'll add a name tape at some point.

Here is one of my Go Bags, this one is a Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger.  Note the III Patch and new name tape.  I can recommend the Kodiak bag.  It is well-constructed, and it has pockets everywhere. 

It's a good day.



  1. Outstanding, brother.


  2. Seems like the patch is smaller than the one I received. Are there two sizes?

  3. Nope, the patches are all 3" x 2".

    Oh - I rec'd your note about Dixie. I have the image of her by the headstone of the Civil War spy from your summer gig. I'm going to find it and post it soon, thanks for letting me use it.



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