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Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Will Defend Our Liberties to The Death: Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers

I've really had my fill of OathKeepers. 

Rhodes is at InfoWars proclaiming that they will defend their rights against NDAA to the death.

OK, fair enough.  That rhetoric will find few objections among the III.

But is it simply one more case of a hollow hero drawing lines in the sand that will not be defended?  Indeed, will OathKeepers not be the very Enforcers of the Enemies of Liberty who murder Citizens under the "Law" of NDAA?

For more than 18 months I have had an open question to the OathKeepers that they refuse to answer: OathKeepers, how do your current members handle enforcement of laws that violate Natural and Constitutional law right now, today?  If you arrest a person for carrying a firearm or a joint, if your members participate in home invasions for drug activity, how can we believe that one day in the future your people will refuse orders that violate the Constitution?

Look up hypocrisy, and you see current OathKeepers.

Do any of my readers have the ear of Rhodes?  Can you please pose that question to him and let me know if you get a reply?  I would really like to know how they square the logic.

I'm writing InfoWars to see if they will ask him, since he is in contact with them.

The reality: OathKeepers would appear to be nothing more than a membership driven money-making enterprise with no genuine moral conviction to the stated goals of the organization.  Until I am provided a rational and logical answer to my question, I will hold the same conclusion.

Yes, I hold NRA in the same camp.  NRA collects more than $200,000,000 a year.

That's $200 million.  That's real money.

And how much did they spend in donations to Congressional candidates in the 2012 cycle?

$270,000.  Yep, that's it.  And remember, some of that money went to Harry Reid.

I can't find the source, so I hesitate to write this, but I'll do it anyway: According to the Brady folks (who are motivated to inflate the numbers as much as possible) the NRA has contributed only about $21 million to politicians in the last 20 years.  They make $200 million per year, and give out an average of 1 million to candidates.

Where does the rest of the money go?  Sure, issue advocacy and training accounts for some.  But make no mistake, the folks who work in upper management at NRA live in very nice homes in McLean.  Until I see otherwise, I have no choiuce but to put OathKeepers in the same category - political groups that are in it only for the money.

One of our very supportive III Patriots suggested that we make the III a dues organization, and that our members be required to assume responsibilities much like volunteer firemen.  When there is an event in a particular AO, it will be the responsibility of our local III members to get there and influence the outcome, supported by cash from the III Organization.

I hope we can consider such an evolution, one day.  I would love to have even a portion of NRA or OathKeeper funds that we could send to, for instance, III Patriots in Jose Guerera's AO so they could fly our colors, demand redress, and generally shine a patriotic light on every member of that criminal gang in uniform that murdered him. 

But we aren't there, yet.

By the way, Mr. Rhodes - were there any OathKeepers on that team?  Were there any OathKeepers in the ranks of LEO that gave that raid a stamp of approval?  Were there any OathKeepers on the Federal team that invaded the home in Alaska and kidnapped a man in front of men, women and children?  Was the Canton cop one of yours?  How about Birk, who murdered the deaf woodcarver.  Do you have any active members working in Fusion centers and facilitating the violation of rights?  Do you have dues-paying members who are, right now, geared-up and planning to kick in the door of some home with suspected drug activity?

Were any of your members sent to the hospital by the guy who was responsible for dropping 6 home invaders in uniform, sending one to the morgue?  How about a year earlier when the same SWAT Team killed a man for defending his home and hearth with a golf club...were any of your members on that team?


III Patriots: I am working with you to build a political machine.  I refuse to help build an organization like NRA or any other that is more interested in paying high salaries to top members than doing the work promised to members.  If you ever see our organization drifting in that direction, I invite you to call us on it, in public.  I will either explain the circumstances in public to your satisfaction, or I will have failed you.

This is why I chose a 527 organization.  Our filings must be public.  Had I created a 501, all sorts of financial mischief could be hidden.

That is not how I operate.  I put my name on everything I do.  I stand tall and I welcome challenge for my beliefs.  When the Enemies of Liberty have had enough of my presence, they'll know where to find me.

And that is the only way we will win the war for Liberty - by standing tall, in the open, and defeating by any means necessary every attempt the Enemies of Liberty make to infringe our Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Thanks, AP: Here is a post AP published on this topic.  Let's see if any OathKeepers answer the call.

Here's the link to the Rhodes/InfoWars piece.



  1. I agree totally concerning the Oathkeepers and NRA. The only way an "Oathkeeper" could keep their oath is to quit their LE job. There is just no way around it. Period. As for the NRA, they are nothing but political lap dogs. Yap, yap, yapping, but no real threat to those who would abolish our 2cnd Am. rights.

  2. Thank you. I've written on the OathKeeper blog asking the same thing for two years. I no longer bother. I never received a response besides the typical personal attacks - as we know they are the "Only Ones"- the only tough guys in our society (please...) At this time in history, anyone taking a check from the government is part of the problem. No police officer or military person receives any instruction regarding the Constitution or its principals. Ask one. How do they know when they are violating their oath? They don't. What are they swearing allegiance to uphold besides the word "Constitution"? They don't know what it means, how it was derived or what it means to uphold its principles. Authoritarians or traders, one and all.


  3. The moniker has nothing to do with OK, more a jab at my bad guitar playing, I wish I did know what was happening at OK. Left em over a year ago when questions like yours Kerodin went unanswered. It started well but like the TPM suffered from an unwillingness to accept what the times required.

  4. We won't hold you responsible, Rhodes. ;)


  5. Being eligible for this organization on a couple of different levels (Fire, Military) I performed some due diligence on the group as I was fascinated by the theory. The more I thought about it, the more members I met, the more my gut told me to stay away. The biggest reason was the sense to them that the system will always be salvageable, thus there will never be a balloon in the air incident until it is too late. They seem to have a decent bunch of people affiliated with them, but I personally could never feel it. Not to mention that placing your name on a database such as they have seems to leave things wide open for moles and snitches. That is the way L.E.O. operates

  6. I sent an email to him. We shall see.

  7. I resigned my commission after the Iraq games started, as did many of my colleagues, superiors, instructors and others. The only honorable move to make was to not play the game. That's where I stand. I miss the (good parts of the) military, I miss being an officer. I miss being an advocate for my men and women that served with me. I was prior enlisted and an NCO before I became an officer, and I wish I could stand up for my guys, but the only honorable move was to leave. There comes a time when you realize it's to fucked up to fix it and that you have to just walk away on principles, that was my moment. That hurt, but it was the right thing to do. This is why. It may sound like an "I told you so" to those that stayed in, but it definitely hurts me to say it.

  8. Rhodes and his gang backed out of the armed rally on the Potomac a couple years ago. His minions continually censor comments against OK at their website. Rhodes has made a ton of loot with his hypocrisy of OK.

    Perhaps the III can start offering wine sales to it's followers ala the NRA ? :)



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