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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Patriots = Terrorists...lose your illusions while you can

You and I know that laws are rarely intended for their stated purpose.

PATRIOT has nothing to do with hunting terrorists, as the chart above illustrates.

NDAA will have ZERO to do with hunting those same terrorists.

Count on it.

Here's the link to On to Liberty.



  1. Laws are seen as "tools" once passed.

    Nothing says a mechanic cannot use a wrench as a prybar, once it is in his toolbox. Nothing says a pipe wrench can't be used as a hammer, either.

    That's just the thing. Once the tools are given and in the toolbox, they will be used in any and all ways to allow .gov to "get the job done".

    Guess who gets to define "the job"?



  2. As a former dope fiend (and I make no apologies about my past) I've seen first hand the lengths that cops will go to in order to accomplish their means/personal agendas.
    No matter what your mommy taught you when you were a youngster, the policeman is NOT your friend.


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