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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

III: Job Offer

Lauren from our Go Bag Project

Folks, I know money is tight these days.  Some in our community are under-employed, unemployed, and perhaps the outlook is bleak.

I have an opportunity for you to consider.  It is open to anyone and everyone who wants the opportunity.

I discussed our Gun Review project with my wife, who most of you know runs a small publishing house.  She is the brain in the house and has agreed to help monetize the project so we can, hopefully, dump some real revenue into the 527.

Here's the deal: Think of your favorite "Annual" gun magazine that has a catalog of all the latest and greatest guns for sale in the back.  These annual editions usually throw in a few general stories, then hit the magazine racks for $10-$15.

We'll take that model and expand it a bit, and tailor it to our goals.  The core of our project will be as we have discussed - your #1 rifle/handgun/knife when a SHTF moment hits.  We'll review these choices for the broader gun community, from our perspective.  (We've already had our first submission and it is dead-on perfect for what I want.  He calls it is "Get Home Gun" and its purpose is exactly what it soundls like - if SHTF while he is out in the world, he has his chosen tool with him to get home to family.)

Beyond the core of our project we'll add a catalog section that will get the manufacturers all hot and bothered.  We'll focus on a few pieces of gear that most of us like to keep in our Go Bags.  Those brief columns will get the accessories companies hot & bothered.

Finally, we'll add a nationwide directory of dealers for everything from guns to gear.  We'll lay out the directory by state, so that even your local East Egypt gun shop has an interest in being in the directory.  Of course his web address will be part of the listing.

OK folks, now you see this is a BIG project from where I sit.  The good news is that I already have quite a bit of it done, from the Go Bag project I have been developing for a while. (Remember Lauren, above?).  What we will produce is a genuinely useful shooting and SHTF resource that will help us reach far beyond our III community and into the NRA arena, the Prepper arena, and beyond.

This product will end up somewhere between an annual magazine edition and a Shooter's Bible in size.  It will be a trade paperback (a softcover) 8x10, so it will be very much like a thick magazine.

Of course, we'll brand the heck out of our III blogs, and dump all the proceeds into America527 so we can buy radio ads, and whatever else we decide to do to advance Liberty.

Here's the Job Offer: Your local gun shops, surplus stores, prep supply shops, et cetera should all be interested in being listed in the Directory.  They are all prime candidates for buying display ads as well.

Additionally, there are tens of thousands of potential advertisers for such a publication that you can reach from your keyboards.

I know many of you probably don't have formal sales experience, and that should not put you off for a single second.  Successful salesmen never try to sell.  They simply have an opportunity that is good for the customer and good for the boss, which makes it a no-brainer.

Whatever your job history, you have the most important part of sales: Customer Service experience.  Whether you are an auto mechanic, a trucker, or a lawyer, every single interaction with a customer is sales.

You also have another HUGE advantage - you know this subject matter.  You know guns and gear.  You don't need to know much about the advertising/publishing world.  We can give you a business card and a Rate Card/Media Kit that you can download from your computer that tells the gun shop owner the important demographics - you just tell him it's a great opportunity, hand him the rate card, and let the rest happen.

Compensation: Payment is simple - you'll get a flat 25% of the gross revenue you generate, and you'll be paid the Friday following payment by the advertiser.  There are no benefits, nothing but a 1099 at the end of the year.  You'll have to give Uncle Sam whatever percentage you choose to give him.  ;)

I haven't worked out ad rates yet, but they'll be cheaper than advertising in ANY gun magazine. (A full page in Guns & Ammo, for example, is almost $40K and a full page in American Handgunner is about $8K)

We'll be in the $188 range for a simple Directory ad listing, and display rates for a full page will not make your local gun shop go into convulsions.

So - if you need income, here is the opportunity.  I hope if you need it, you'll take advantage of this project.  As much good as we might do by publishing a book that expands the III audience, in my opinion we will achieve even more if we are able to help a few of you cover your mortgage.

Feel free to email me: Kerodin@Kerodin.com.  There's no need to put your business on a public thread. 

By all means, if anyone wants to discuss it publicly, you know how to post a comment.


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