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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Patriots have only one remaining option...

You will remember that the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that resisting LEO as they enter your home, even if it is an illegal entry, is now a crime.

The majority of the Court decided that modern 4th Amendment jurisprudence (which translates to: What we the Courts have said the 4th Amendment means") is not conducive to resistance by Citizens in the face of armed criminal invasion by LEO.

So three members of the Indiana Supreme Court decided that the guys who wrote, ratified and supported the 4th Amendment were wrong.

Three black-robed Enemies of Liberty have made criminals of every Citizen who would dare sass a cop who is coming into the house, killing the dog, possibly shooting anyone who would dare pick up a vase as a defensive weapon in Indiana.

The issue has caused quite a bit of fuss in Indiana, but you might be surprised at the actual arguments.  I took the time to read many stories on the subject today, and a very large percentage of the Citizens who are complaining seem to be in agreement with the State Attorney General who stated: "Indiana law permits citizens to peaceably resist efforts of law enforcement outside the home, so citizens should have no less a privilege within their homes..."

Please note the words ...peaceably resist..."

The AG doesn't want the folks to be able to genuinely resist, only peaceably.  So, it is simply a sugar coating.

As I explore this topic today, combined with the story about NYPD and Pentagon working together to field scanners that will find guns on people in public places, combined with the general state of affairs, I am lead to a singular conclusion: The Enemies of Liberty will never cease or desist until they are dead.

Use that information as you will.



  1. It's probably good that I don't live in Indiana, but I stand by my previous statements...
    If LEOs knock on my door, wait for me to answer, and present a valid search warrant, I'll let them search the place. I've got nothing to hide. However...
    Kick in my door in he middle of the night (or anytime for that matter) with no real warning, and I will respond with lethal force. I'm not settling for one dead and a bunch of wounded either. My house is small, very small. It's completely within my abilities, as small as this house is, to make every round a head shot hit, on moving targets at these distances.

  2. I have no problem with playing by the rules: Have a warrant, knock on the door and let me put my dogs out of the way, and Mrs. Kerodin will probably even offer coffee.

    The rule book is the Constitution, and so long as everyone plays by the rules, I have no problem.

    Don't play by the rules...

    John, great article tonight, btw.


  3. Slobyskysa RotchikokovJanuary 17, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    "Please note the words ...peaceably resist..."

    Well, my old Zen Master, Willie Peter-san, taught that the peaceable man may attain a deep sense of peace whilst peaceably discharging firearms for the purpose of helping the doers of evil escape this cycle of life, that they may reincarnate into a better one. He thought it a kindness to release the prisoners of evil and treachery from the prison of their current life and set them free to do better next time. Then he would smile and enter a serene trance state while chanting his mantra, "Weapons freeeee.... weapons freeeeee..."

  4. They're are many in Indiana that still ascribe to the common courtesies in life. Knock first, hold the door for women, help folks in need, etc. That same group will help you realize the error of your ways if you enter their home in any fashion other than respectfully. It wont matter one whit if you're "just doin your job". In my line of work (tower construction) if I make a mistake it will most likely kill me. I guess it's the same with most lines of dangerous work, huh?
    John H.

  5. K-

    I agree with MG and you. Come in peace, I will welcome you. I likewise have nothing to hide.

    Come in violently...you will be met with all possible force...regardless of what clothes or uniform you are wearing.



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