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Sunday, January 8, 2012

John Moses Browning

The 1911 is one hundred years old.

The Hi-Power followed.  A fascinating tidbit about the Hi-Power: Browning sold the 1911 design to Colt, so when he was tasked with building another pistol, he had to stay away from the patents incorporated in the 1911.  How many people do you know who could build not only one world-changing machine, but two?

And, of course, his firearms brilliance was not limited to the 1911 & 1935. 

Consider: How many men and women have had their lives saved by the work of John Browning?  How many dollars have been generated from the work of John Browning?

When one considers free markets and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, John Browning should come to mind.  Here is his wiki page.  Look at the list of firearms with which he was associated.

Such men are rare.  And today, such men would not find the freedom to impact the world as did he.  Perhaps his legacy of tools will help correct that injustice before we are dead.

Now consider this post from Curtis about LEO and .mil confiscating weapons from folks in Katrina.  You would do well to pay homage to John Browning for the time when they come for you...


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  1. An absolute mechanical genius. The 1911 and Hi-Power are only 2 examples of his contributions to the firearms world.


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