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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One day...

I have a visceral disgust for snitches and collaborators.

Who do I find more repulsive?  People who use snitches and collaborators.

See Something, Say Something?  Let me find your name.  One day those records will become public, and Vigilance Committees will come for you.

Rich T found a video from the punk Mayor of Newark, waving cash around in a video like a used car slug, offering $1,000 cash to anyone who rats out a Citizen who has taken the decision to exercise his 2A Rights.  Government is offering bounties on Citizens who exercise Constitutional Rights.

Don't you dare give me any sh*t about gang bangers and drug dealers being the target of the program, and if you think they are any less entitled to 2A than anyone else, please don't come back to my site.

Who are the Bad People in this case?

There will come a day when Mayors and City Councilmen and others have the tables turned, and Free men at Liberty take the decision to come for you, for your crimes against humanity.

Yes, I said it.  Crimes against Humanity.  Have you every been to Newark?  I have.  Here's a tip - do not go to Newark without exercising every 2A Right you can carry!  Forcing people to be unarmed in Newark is criminal.

Watch the video.  Tell me the Mayor doesn't make your bile rise, and tell me he doesn't look like a 1970's used car salesman as he waves cash around.  But he is so much more vile - for he is using his office to corrupt the Constitution of the republic.  You know he has an armed police detail 24/7.

Crime against Humanity.

Enemy of Liberty.

Here's Rich T's post.

Here's Kenny's take.

Patriots: Let your outrage burn hot.  Let it forge your resolve to change this republic before you die.


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