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Sunday, January 8, 2012

PatCom 2012

Bill's gig is coming soon, folks.  If you are able to attend, I'd recommend zipping him an email.  Bill: I've got a few III patches headed your way for the folks coming to your place.

Bill makes an important point in his post today.  Some idiot gave Wirecutter (Kenny) grief about not being serious enough on a III blog.  The idiot signs himself Mike.  Kenny handled the idiot with an appropriate smackdown, and Bill added a bit of frosting to the cake.

I want to address the III aspect of this issue.  The III tag is a mindset, it is not a club with a secret handshake.  There are no leaders, either elected or appointed or reigning by birth or bloodlines.

III simply means you would be proud to stand on the Green with John Parker on that long-gone April morning, and III means you'll do it today if you must.

Those of you, like Mike, who try to impose a behavioral standard on anyone who chooses to stand with the III - please get over yourself.

At its very fundamental core, the III tag means Liberty & Freedom.

Get it?  That means the freedom and liberty to do as we damn well please.

Trying to impose your will on a man who flies the III colors will get you dismissed as a busybody moron, at best...and it may get your eyes swelled shut.  Both of them.

III means: Back the F* up and leave me be.

Anyone who wants to impose a code of conduct for a III Patriot, please take your favorite 2A tool, and use it upon your brain case.  We have no use for you.  All you do is alienate good Patriots and hurt the Movement.

Perhaps that is your intent, Mike?

Here's Bill's post.

Here's Kenny's.

Carry on, Gentlemen.



  1. I'm sure "mike" wouldn't like my little corner of the interwebs either... I ditched all the symbolism so I guess to a guy like "mike" that means I wouldn't be standing next to him on the Green, rifle in hand. Well Bill, Dio, myself, and a few other "non-conformists" will be mustered on Bill's Green later this week. I wonder what "mike" will be doing for the cause, besides bashing someone's blog for not being "III enough"...

  2. I believe having a sense of humor is very important.
    It showcases our humanity.
    It relieves stress.

    Our enemies have no sense of humor.

    Kenny's stuff is top-shelf. Anybody who takes issue with it doesn't get it.

    Bill is a frightening, angry, domesticated terrorist.

    I feel better already.

  3. Sam,

    Thanks for all that you do, most folks don't understand the amount of time involved. Craig I will be seeing you in a few days! Walter yes I am very angry, my mid life was never supposed to be like this, I damn well sure will not allow the same to happen for my son.

    I have to laugh at the anarchist patriots, it is indeed OUR fault, we allowed this to happen, NOW we must suffer and FIX what WE broke. Life is really just that simple, sleeping while on guard duty has some serious consequences,and now we must pay our dues, it's painful, yet it's a lesson this nation will not soon forget.

    Rebuilding from the ashes will be the lesson of sleeping while on guard duty.

    Thanks again Sam!


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