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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Please vote on the polls at right ----->


If you haven't weighed-in yet, please take a second and let us know what you think about Branding material for helping spread the III message.

Will you hand out business cards or flyers to drive people to our websites?

What about stickers?  Will you post them where they can be seen, where they will annoy all the right people?

Hats, T-shirts and flags are expensive, but wearing your message is powerful.  Should we test the waters and do an ad buy on radio/tv/print?

Let us know.

Vote, please.



  1. They are all good ideas. But the mass market advertising should be something we build up to after a broad campaign of passing out flyers or pamphlets. I think we will get more bang for our buck that way.

  2. Your "vote" button triggered a virus attack according to my antivirus software.. it's possible your link is hacked

  3. Thanks David: Anyone else have that issue? I'll send a note to Blogger, but I don't know how responsive theuy'll be.


  4. Anyone else have that issue?

    Not here.

  5. Jim: I agree. The money we'd have to raise for even a modest ad buy on a serious venue is significant. I think we'll get more mileage going grassroots at first.

    But, if folks are serious and we have 10 or more folks who are each willing to throw $1k into the pot, I'll go there.



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