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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just change the rules...

I have personal experience in the phenomenon currently taking place in Virginia.

When the Establishment wants a particular outcome, they have no qualms about simply changing the rules or moving the line.  If you take solace in the fact that you come "close" to the legal limits of a law, but you stay on the proper side, do not be surprised when the Establishment simply moves the line.

When the Establishment wants outcome X (or any outcome other than Y), they will change the rules shamelessly to advantage their goals.

This is what is taking place right now in Virginia, as the R Attorney General for the Commonwealth is working to put Newt and other R candidates on the ballot for the primary.  Only Ron Paul and Mitt met the challenge set by the Board of Elections and collected the requisite 10,000 voter signatures, thus qualifying for the primary.

Here is the problem from the Establishment's perspective: In a 2-man race between Paul and Romney, what if Paul wins?  The horror!

Now they are willing to change the rules of the game while it is being played.  They want the entire field of candidates on the ballot, to ensure that votes are bled from Ron Paul.

This is why our system must be purged - the people involved are willing to do anything to secure their self-interests, while ignoring the oath they swore.  As noted elsewhere recently, Lincoln's only significant contribution to mankind is his quote that: We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

We have noted before that our Masters have dropped all pretense. 

They mean to be good Masters...but they mean to be Masters.

That makes them unfit for political service, and for consideration as our Countrymen.

Here's the story.



  1. Ron Paul,s Presidency is an event whose time has come So they let 2 globalist puppets on the ballot,so what? If they could,nt collect enough signatures to legaly get on the ticket,how are they going to amass enough votes to win?And make no mistake about it my friend "We the People"of Virginia,are going to be watching every second expecting them to pull some underhanded shit! NOT a good idea right now!

  2. candidates had plenty of notice and were urged to collect 15,000 signatures just to be safe.

    "The rule was no surprise to any candidate -- and indeed, no candidate or campaign offered any complaints until after the Dec. 23 validation process had concluded,"

    Crying over spilt milk.


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