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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The real attack on 2A and Liberty

If you take the position that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of Constitutionality, or that the Framers intended for such to obtain, then you take the position that the Framers intended to place the members of the Supreme Court above all men and even your Creator.

Consider: The restrictions upon Government articulated in the Bill of Rights are protections of Natural Law, unalienable.  The Rights recognized in the Bill of Rights were deemed inviolable by our Framers.  Why then would these same Framers place the power to infringe these unalienable Rights in the hands of men on the Supreme Court?  The answer, of course, is that the Framers never intended any such thing.

Yet, as Jefferson noted, the Federalists retired into the judiciary as a stronghold.

It is from this stronghold that the Enemies of Liberty have waged their war.  It remains today the primary weapon of the Enemies of Liberty who rule by the perversion of Judicial Review and precedent. 

When you look at the efforts of the Obama Administration to undermine the Second Amendment, do not look at Gunwalker, for it is low-hanging fruit.  The true assault has been sophisticated, stealthy, and generational in its approach.  President Obama has seated two staunch anti-gun Justices on the Supreme Court, both of whom are relatively young.

John Lott notes that at the current pace, if President Obama is elected for a second term he will have appointed more than one half of all Federal Judges on the Bench.

Let that fact sink in for a moment.

Also consider how many more Supreme Court Justices the next President is likely to appoint.

If you accept that nine men have the authority and power to violate your Natural Rights, bestowed upon you by your Creator (or by nature of your birth if you are offended by the concept of a Creator), by merely choosing to declare a law to be Constitutional or not, I contend that you look cynically upon the very nature of the Constitution and prefer to see it as a tool of enslavement rather than a tool of Liberty.

That is your choice.

I contend that the Federalists retired into the judiciary as a stronghold precisely because the Constitution was written in such a manner as to help thwart their tyrannical aspirations.

Gunwalker, reporting requirements, bans on importation, et cetera, are all superficial skirmishes of little significance.  They are diversionary.  Sparklies.

If you are willing to live under a system that gives authority to the Supreme Court to determine what 2A means, whether you must purchase health insurance, whether you may use a cell phone in your car, then your political battles must be waged to keep Bad People from the Bench, for you accept the premise that other men have the Right to determine your level of enslavement.

However, if you believe that your Natural Rights are indeed inviolable and unalienable, then your political fight must be broader, you must engage every man or woman who chooses to violate the plain language and intent of our Founding Documents, from the President to the bureaucrats to the neighbors who vote for Enemies of Liberty. 

For this I leave you with the only quote of value (to me) ever uttered by Abe Lincoln: We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

We all know that Lincoln chose not to follow his own rhetoric on this topic, but the words hold value to anyone who chooses to live at Liberty.

Here is John Lott's piece.


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