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Friday, January 20, 2012

Kerodin Update

Parts of my life are rather public - some by choice, others not so much.

But, it is what it is.

From time to time I will offer a brief status update on various aspects of my life that are public, to keep you in the loop.

America527/III Percent Political Organization: I like the trajectory that we are on as a group.  More than 4 dozen of you have stepped up to the plate and thrown some cash into the pot - some of you have done it more than once.  Such things take time, and we will reach our goals.  We are handing out III to Liberty in Virginia and on the Hill, and many of you are handing out the book to locals.  We've added patches, t-shirts, stickers, hats, business cards to the gear offerings (iiigear.com).  We expect the business cards and shirts in our shop soon, and as usual, we'll turn around and get them out to you as soon as we get them.  If you've ordered a combination of items (like a shirt/stickers/patch) we'll send it all out at one time.

III SHTF Project: This firearms book is a vehicle to build bridges into the broader firearm community and to raise funds for the 527 - I am very pleased with the number of folks in our community who are stepping up and taking the time to write a review of their SHTF weapons.  We have already received several pieces and they are excellent.  My next step is to reach into the broader gun community and see if we can get some of them to write and play our reindeer games.  This is a fun project for me.

Kerodin work life: I am very fortunate that I get to work from my home office most of the time, with my wife and dogs constantly with me.  (That's why you'll see posts on the blog at all hours).  In addition to my III work (which is purely a personal agenda) I am putting the finishing touches on my next fiction piece, which I have built around a III premise (also great fun for me).  We'll also be publishing another book on fashion models in the early summer, and a magazine for a charity drive in the DC area later in the year.

The Kerodin HVAC System: I have a very long association with the HVAC business. I started working on residential and light commercial machines when I was 18, and have been employed in every aspect of the business, including owning my own companies. I recently put the final touches on a brand new system design that eliminates the outdoor section of the residential system (the big box in the back yard with the compressor in it that makes your electric meter spin like a frisbee in the summer). My new system is green, eliminates the compressor-based components, eliminates caustic refrigerants, reduces electrical consumption by 80%, and extends the lifetime of the primary components of the system to about 40 years - no more replacing the system every 12-15 years.  Oh - and it is cheaper to install than any system today.

The components of my system have been tested in my "lab". The next step is to get some corporate support and install a fully operational prototype. We are working on that now. You can look for the entire established HVAC industry to come gunning for me soon - this system is equivalent to making a car that runs on water...

By the way - I did not design my new system because I am a tree-hugging hippie. I designed it because I am a pure-bred Capitalist, and I'd like to let my wife live the rest of her life without worrying about money.

Kerodin v. ServiceMagic, et al.: As most of you know my wife and I have a civil lawsuit in the works against ServiceMagic, one of their subsidiaries and the CEO of the subsidiary.  That is moving forward, but the wheels turn slowly in the courts.  I've given links to the complaint in the past, no need to do so again.  One thing most of you know about me: I won't quit, I will never surrender, and I will be loud about it...at the proper time.

Hiro and Hana are doing fine, though bored.  Akitas are bred to hunt bear, boar and deer, and in my little suburban yard they are reduced to killing squirrels, mice and the random bird that screws up.  They invite neighborhood dogs into range all the time, but the word is out and they don't get many takers...

Holly is well, and anything I write will quickly become plagiarized by Hallmark, so I won't go there.

So, there you have it, the Kerodin version of the annual update.

If I owe you an email, I may be slow but I'll get it to you.


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  1. Good deal,glad you're all well. I know a coal cracker that would be seriously interested in that new HVAC System that you are developing. ;-)

    On a sad note,we are now a single boxer dog family again. Happens.



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