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Friday, January 20, 2012

Using Greed to Break Capitalism

I am an unabashed Capitalist.

A republic, combined with Capitalism, in a country of moral and ethical people who respect Jefferson's definition of Liberty, is as close to Utopia homo sapiens will every achieve.

Today we have a group of six elected politicians in the US Congress who are putting forth legislation to impose a "Reasonable Profits Board", with the power to tax oil companies as much as 100% on profits.

Such politicians are neither republicans (small r) or Capitalists.

They are not American.

They have sworn an oath to the Constitution, which they violate.  That makes them Traitors.

And until We the People rid ourselves of such genetic filth, we will continue to suffer as slaves.

Here's the column from The Hill.



  1. This board, if it becomes law, will ***Kill*** the oil business or lead to it being nationalized, leading to a massive fall in demand and a complete stop to the economy (no goods bought and sold because they cannot be shipped). Even physical gold and silver have to be moved from the point of refinement to the point of exchange, and ultimately to the customer who trades his nearly worthless Federal Reserve Notes for the metal.

    There would also be a drop in travel, and by extension the ability to vote with one's feet. A buraeucratic Berlin Wall. Collectivists always do their best to prevent the producers from leaving.

    Then there is the fact that hydrocarbons make the first world possible. From composite materials to synthetic chemicals, which get used in everything from gun lubricant to pesticides.

  2. Seremzh: I agree, and our Enemies know it, too.

    They have a plan, and they are executing it, right now.

    I am convinced that the Enemies of Liberty have decided that they must destroy what we know as Civilization so they may take control of what they intend to raise from the ashes.



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