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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mike C offers

Concerned American is hosting a thread about how to set up an alert system for roadblocks and other NTK intel for Patriots.

Along those lines, Mike C (who won the Benchmade folder a few weeks ago) sent this link for a widget that allows you to send video from a camcorder directly to the web.

And on those lonely moments when it is only you & LEO, and he has an agenda, here is a starting point for apps that allow you to stream live from your cell phone the encounter to the web.  If you stream it live, he can't erase vital evidence after having his way with you.

Consider this ahead of time, folks.  Maybe rig a mount for your phone on the dash and the moment you start to see the whirling lights, put your phone in the cradle and start streaming it.  Maybe even a Tweet of your location to the rest of your Tribe...




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