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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PATCOM: Coastal Texas

Bill took point and opened his home for Patriots to meet in Texas.

This is forward, positive movement. This is grassroots. This is how to start countless fires.

Huzzah to the Patriots involved. You won't get "Thanks!" or pats on the back from most, but you are doing the work of Patriots, and when everyone else is losing their minds - and lives - your work in these days will help you prevail. It is Liberty's only chance.

This is the grind of Patriotism. It is essential, and a few are answering the call.

To those who live in those areas, show up. Throw the hosts a few bucks to help defray expenses. At the very least, visit their websites and thank them for doing the work.



  1. China? Indiana? Got a link? Thanks.

  2. Rider: Links are in the post - just hover over the words.



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