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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tip of the iceberg

Curtis has a post about two Brits stopped by TSA and refused entry based on a few tweets one of them had posted a while before the trip to America.

Curtis points out the folly and absurdity of the TSA's position.

But the question begs, and the answer is obvious: How did TSA know about the Tweets in order to flag the Brits in the first place?

Patriots, Big Uncle's assets and 1984 skills are far more advanced than most of us can understand.

Sometimes they tip their hand, as in this case.

Whatever you think their skills may be, whatever you think their manpower, whatever you think the percentage of people who will support them...round up.

Here's the link to Curtis.



  1. Either way, whether they're sweeping social networks (like this one), or relying on "loyal" types to turn others in (unlikely in this case), it is sobering.

    There's not really anywhere to hide, unless you're silent.

    It really is sobering to contemplate.

    Well, to paraphrase the good SFC Shriver, at least they can't get away. We've got 'em surrounded from the inside!

    Ya hear that, big bro?


    wv- afeds Heh.

  2. http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-57366443-281/hawaii-may-keep-track-of-all-web-sites-visited/

    Hawaii proposed tracking every website that every one of its citizens visited. There is little doubt that the social networks have similar agreements with the government if these Brits were denied entry into the US.


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