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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Radio: What about Alex...

Folks - our effort to raise enough money to run a series of ads on DC radio during the Rush time slot is not moving as fast as I would like.

One of our Patriots suggests we shoot for a smaller market that runs Alex Jones and a few other patriotic hosts to get the ball rolling.

I know Alex Jones evokes a lot of energy from many folks. Heck, so does Rush. Personally, I find quite a bit of intel at Alex's site that I don't find elsewhere. I simply tune out the conspiracy pitch on every topic. I keep what works and leave the rest - the same thing I do when I listen to Rush.

So, my question: Should we consider running a few ads in a smaller market with Alex in an attempt to reach our allies and grow, while working ourselves torward a budget that permits bigger markets and audiences?

I've posted a poll at top-right. Please take the time to weigh-in and help guide the issue.

This is your Movement.



  1. The return on investment will be much higher on Alex Jones, regardless of dollar cost.

    I look at things in terms of efficiency, ie terms of ROI rather than $$$,

    Anyway, I imagine Jones' organization will be cheaper and more open to the message.

    Rush's audience will mostly ignore it, IMO, although you could reach some mainstream conservatives that way.

    Long story short, the ROI will be much higher on Alex Jones. Build the base through high ROI investments, then when there are numbers and more money, aim higher at more popular but less ROI avenues.

    My business $.02...


  2. Advertising on Alex will reach an audience that you already have in the bag. Advertising on Rush will spread the word to the masses of conservatism.

  3. Rush's audience will mostly ignore it


  4. Forget Rush.He's a hack for the DEP,same as his audience.Alex Jones would be a better investment.His audience is more open minded,in my opinion.

    Sow your seeds in fertile ground.

  5. Yeah, Rush's audience is mostly CONNEDservative Repugnicrats. Alex's audience is much more in tune with Liberty.

  6. I've said it before....Mike Church and/or Andrew Wilkow on Sirius Patriot 125. However, I have no idea if it costs more to run a spot on satellite radio vs. terrestrial.

  7. I have to agree with A.P. build our base then go after converts. Alex Jones or similar.


  8. I'd vote AJ due to cost and a greater likelihood of reaching an audience more open to the message.

  9. Alex Jones has a huge following even though he gets a little over zealous sometimes but you have to give him credit for being on top of world events before anyone else is. I personally can't stand that stinkin phoney Rush.

  10. Adapt and overcome, do the best you can with whats on hand.

    Personally cant stand either of them, Rush is a statist rino, AJ is a chicken little, NWOphobe.

    However, politics and hard times make strange bedfellows.
    Go with what ever has the higher ROI for now.

  11. Lets not limit the market because one or another is not "pure" enough. I am going to up my monthly donations. Thats the way I can step-up right now. Kerodin has taken the lead on this and has the knowledge to see it done, so beit. We need to look at who is on our side and realize the reason behind the small numbers and fractured appearance, n o one knows WHAT we stand for! This is a start and any national program that can run our ads should be considered!

    My two cents!




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