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Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is how wars begin...

Germans float direct EU control over Greek budget.
We mentioned this weeks ago - watch for the Banksters to use the power of national governments, and if needed, national militaries, to cover the debt they floated to the PIIGS.
There was a time in our nation when Lawyers were not allowed in many cities.
When implosion happens, look for a return to that rule...and add the Banksters and entire Political Class to the list of banned "Professionals".


  1. Perhaps the better solution is for Germany to say "FU" to the EU.

    The Greeks can't really complain, as you have to be independent to be independent.

    If I was a German, I'd be torqued.

    Sad. Europe will pay the price for its collectivism, and sink to its lowest common denominator.


  2. Germany doesn't want to walk away - they want to rule.

    This time they are moving without tanks...so far.



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