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Saturday, January 28, 2012


2012 will be very dangerous.

The III, the Patriot Movement, Freedom Community - whatever label one chooses to use to describe we Americans who want Liberty - is a collection of individuals.

I would hope that every single Patriot looks first into his own heart for guidance in the time before us. If it becomes time for you to step off the porch, go for it. If it is not your time, follow your heart.

Do not annoint anyone as your Leader. Do not accept anyone as your General.

Any call for you to follow a "Leader" into melee should be given from the front, or ignored.

Read Bill's perspective, and pay attention.

Bill's PatCom was serious forward movement. Leaders lead from the front. Leaders will do the work with you, will expose themselves to the same fire they ask you to risk, and more.

The days coming will be unlike any through which you have lived before...

Here's the link.


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