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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tea Party begins to stir...

The Tea Party has started to turn their attention to the election. The holidays always distract people. Add to that, the real Tea Party doesn't have a candidate in the race. Sure, Ron Paul is there, but the real Tea Party knows that the media and Establishment will never let him near the Oval Office.

Will the real Tea Party bother to really get into this cycle? I know the Establishment Tea Party is in the mix, but the real Tea Party? We'll have to wait and see.

I hope they do. If they do there will be clashes when Occupy comes out of their winter slumber, since Occupy is now as much a party of the Communists/Establishment Left as is the Establishment Tea Party of RINO's.

2012 will probably be the most interesting and dangerous year of your life, if you consider yourself a Patriot.



  1. You're absolutely right, K. 2012 will be a perilous and pivotal year for our country.

    I do not think the election is the main show, rather, it is the stage upon which the show will be played out. Or maybe it's the catalyst for the main show. Either way.

    There we are.


  2. The real tea party was co-opted by establishment shills like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, no doubt at the behest of Repugnicrats who were quivering in their socialist boots. They fear real Liberty as much or more than the libtards. As well they should...


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