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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boehner Kills Gunwalker...?

Tom Tancredo is the primary "Source" of many of the rumors flying that Speaker Boehner is responsible for killing the GunWalker probe.

For those of you who may be interested in biting the worm without checking for the hook, I would remind you that Tom Tancredo is one of those people most responsible for turning the Tea Party into a tool of the Republican Establishment, and helped Mitt in his presidential run.

You will believe what you want. And I have zero use for Speaker Boehner.

But I am very, very far away from concluding that Boehner is responsible for killing GunWalker. More likely, Tancredo and his allies are using circumstances to lay blame as a means to push Boehner out.

I have no problem pushing Boehner out...but I do have a problem with people who lie to accomplish their goals.

There may be a GunWalker coverup. Boehner may be involved. But the only people making that accusation are Tancredo, his allies, and people who have a vested interest in blaming anyone, regardless of facts.

Show me proof, and I'll pay attention. Rumors in Washington are always tactics to smear one person for the gain of another.

Use this information as you will.


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  1. I hear ya...but who gives a shit? Nothing will happen, I think most here know that. We will never see these bastards in orange jump suits and cuffs...


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