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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Folks reading this blog know that Muslims are among the most intolerant and racist people on the planet.

Many of our bloggers and commentors do not hesitate to call out the bigotry.

Here is a single bit of caution: Once you have taken a public stand, be careful where you go in the world.  Piss off Mo's Morons and then take a vacation to Malaysia or some other part of the planet ruled by idiots, and you may find yourself black-bagged and en route to trial in Saudi, via Interpol.

Paranoid?  Not so much...

Here's the article.



  1. International treaties will be how the muslims' progressive allies will circumvent the Constitution. All it takes is 66 senators, and not even that: Barack Hussein Obama ratified the ACTA treaty without the senate.

  2. When the war starts, the one upside is that they will already be in body bags.


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