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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buying food in quantity...TERRORIST!

FBI considers bulk food purchases to be indicative of potential terror intent.

Here's the link.



  1. Yeah, 'cuz the M.O. of terrorists so far has been to horde food and run home after killing thousands of people.

    Why don't these b*stards just come out with it and say "people who are p*ssed with the government"?



  2. Call me a terrorist then. And since I'm a "terrorist", might as well act the part...

  3. I realize that the government just wants snoops doing their deeds. Fortunately, it is easy to defeat. Our family has purchased a little extra here and there to the point we have an awesome supply of our TEOTWAWKI provisions without drawing attention. Picking up an extra flat of beans and few extra bags of rice, beans, flour, etc. each grocery visit doesn't draw attention at the discount stores. I prefer to buy the terrorist items such as MRE's at gun shows. Beforehand, I can pull over along the road a block or two away and remove my license plate before pulling in and parking. I also always back in to a parking space to hide my missing plate as well as stuff a hat or something over the VIN on the dash. I hate being paranoid, but they are watching everything. And true to my "terrorist" ways, I always pay in cash.

    By the way, be careful who you buy stuff from. I actually bumped into one of these agents that visits surplus stores. I arranged a meeting at my local Sam's Club parking lot to buy some military ammo cans he advertised on Craig's List. Luckily, I had proceeded with an OPSEC mindset and had mentioned I needed some for storing tools in my basement that always flooded. Once I met him and paid for the boxes, he starts ranting about the kooks he watches for by visiting local surplus stores in the area (North Central Indiana) and talks with the owners. I just played along with the `ex-military' agent, shook hands, and high tailed it out of dodge! The dude had my name, e-mail, physical description, and make of car I drive. I just told him how badly I needed the waterproof containers to protect my basement shop a couple of times, and he didn't seem suspicious.

    I still wonder though.....

    Keep your powder dry folks!

  4. And remember, FedGov and its partners are using your kids as intel sources via "homework" assignments.



  5. Put me in the hoosegow. I bought 100lbs of rice & pinto's today.

  6. They must have a long list of LDS members. The Walmart stores down here in Southern Utah where I'm spending the winter all sell bulk food as well as other prep items - barrels and hand pumps for water, many bulk freeze-dried foods (Augason Farms), storage barrels and containers, etc. So, if you are a veteran who is also an LDS member with a Ron Paul sticker on your pick-up, I guess you go to the top of the list (I'm not an LDS member ;-)


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