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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Respected 61 year old Optician drops Fed...why?

This case is very interesting for the information we do not have.

A well-liked and respected 61 year old optician shoots an off-duty Fed from Customs at the Feds home. The Fed was a former student of the Opticians.

Yet, LEO has no idea why the two were in a confrontation.

Compare the public information in this case with most other cases of Feds getting shot. Usually, the Feds bring everything they've got, and we know every detail about the psychotic shooter within a few hours.

Not this time.

I suspect Kenny's conclusion is dead-on accurate. The Fed ticked off the Optician, and the Optician wasn't in the mood to tolerate it. He stepped off the porch.

If he did, we'll never know the truth about it. That sort of thing is something the Feds would not want to make public, lest other average Citizens realize Feds are just flesh and blood, and can be held accountable for their actions...

Here's the piece at Kenny's place.

Here's a follow-up from San Francisco media.

Weigh-in at Kenny's.


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