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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The face of absolute tyranny

Yesterday I posed the question: Is there any aspect of your life where you can not find Government influence if you think about it for 60 seconds.

Then Drudge runs this story today: Throwing a frisbee or football on any LA County beach will earn you a $1,000 fine. Remember that under the rules written by our Masters, if you balk at that fine you may be tased. Resist too much, you may end up in prison, or bleeding out in the sand with a double-tap in your center mass.

I ask you to consider the laws being imposed, such as this one, or such as the addition of drones over US airspace for domestic spying: Did any politician in office run on any of these issues?

We send these people into office with a limited mandate (parameters outlined by the Constitution) and once there, they take steps to ensure their position remains secure - even if that means adding drones and armed LEO to imprison or kill you if you consider voting them out of office.

Does not such willful disregard of the parameters of the Constitution (which is little more than Natural Law) warrant the removal of such slavers by any means necessary?

I vote Yea.

Here's the story about footballs on beaches in LA.



  1. Can anyone name one thing you can do without getting permission first, take your time ?

  2. By any means necessary. Amen.


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