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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Most folks who visit this blog are aware of the roles of Tactics, Strategy and Doctrine.

CA, AP, John Mosby, Selco, Brock, Reg, Rich, Kenny, and many others offer outstanding info on all aspects of the coming trouble.

Many in our community are frustrated and ready for action. I get it.

But before you let your emotions override your intellect, breathe deeply and consider the big picture if you find your fists filled with Go Bag and weapons.

Genuine Constitutionalists in this country are, possibly, one of the smallest demographics. There simply are not many of us, and any Force on Force attempt to impose a return to Constitutional respect upon the hundreds of millions who stand opposed is futile.

When a small person is faced with combat against a larger person, or faster, or multiple attackers, victory will be found only in fighting smart.

For most of us going toe-to-toe against Mike Tyson with Boxing rules would be suicide. But a ju-jutsu skill set has a chance. Hitting him with a Chevy has a better chance, and running away is always an option.

But if the fight is inevitable, use circumstances to your advantage.

In the coming fight between Liberty and those who would murder Liberty, we are outnumbered, outresourced, and, essentially, out-everthinged. Yes, even conviction is, at best, a push. They have many on Team Tyranny who will die to see their goals realized, just as do we.

Here is our greatest advantage: The system they are imposing simply can not sustain itself. It must implode.

In that chaos is our opportunity.

When the system implodes there will be a release of violence, disease, starvation, and more. CA has called it the first Big Die Off.

My counsel: Let it happen. Stay out of the way. If an opportunity presents itself during the implosion to improve the situation in your AO, go for it. But do not field your Tribe for Force on Force engagements against insignificant targets that will probably die or be incapacitated by hunger and/or disease as a matter of course. Equally, don't bother hunting bad people who will be hunted by Bad People in Government uniforms. Let Government and their opposition beat each other senseless and inflict high mortality rates on one another.

Only when the situation is genuinely favorable for you and your Tribe to step out onto the field should you risk your limited assets.

Throwing cock punches on a flash mob of Crips or Bloods who will probably be dead in a few weeks or months anyway is a needless waste of your resources.

Yes, keep an eye out for high value targets of opportunity, but your primary concern should be preservation during the first Big Die Off.

Let your enemies kill one another and level the field as much as possible before you risk your assets.

The values of the Constitution can be restored. Afterall, the bulk of the Constitution is merely a reflection of Natural Law, and will be embraced in times of serious upheaval, once significant portions of the FSA and Political Class have been neutered.

Think about it.



  1. It's sad. You are right about being the minority. As a country we have had our heads glued to the tv eating shit, and allowing them to have their way with us, as long as we didn't have to do too much work, or learn and study too much. Now it is too late. Our dollar is f'ed, our educational system has produced functional retards for the most part, and with everyone with their hand out, it's so top heavy it has to collapse. I just hope some good people make it through the collapse, but in history the cockroach has always been the survivor.

  2. Let your enemies kill one another and level the field as much as possible before you risk your assets.


  3. "
    My counsel: Let it happen. Stay out of the way. If an opportunity presents itself during the implosion to improve the situation in your AO, go for it. "

    Words to LIVE by. better to live to tomorrow than be crushed on the grill of Tyranny like a bug.
    Get your tribes in order, the true intent of Patcoms in IMO. Know your resources and plan for circumstances.

  4. I agree 100%.

    I also think that as government and social spending decreases and the thuggery increases so will the number of Constitutionalist adherers.

    The attitude and security promoted by the Constitution just isn't that important to the couch potato quarterback. After the first die off as you called it the survivors will all be Constitutionalists or dictator pawns.

  5. I agree, I read a similar post saying more or less the same thing here: http://www.freedomofoceania.blogspot.com/2012/02/structured-criticality-bigger-picture.html

  6. Thanks for the calm and rational leadership you provide. I've learned a lot from you and am better for it - and much more capable than I was.


  7. Allow me one observation, meant primarily to add to the discussion:

    Imagine where we'd be if the Founders, the original Three Percent, followed the logic of basically staying low and then, when everything was over, attempting to set up a government.

    I wonder how Patrick Henry's speech would have resounded if he had said, "Let it happen. Stay out of the way."

    I wonder how the War for Independence would have gone then....

    My counsel, for whatever value, however small it may be, is this:

    Fight smart? Absolutely. Without question.

    Build your group/tribe? Most assuredly.

    Anyone who goes "force on force" is going to die...needlessly.

    Anyone who has any illusions about a stand-up, toe to toe fight against active duty or even reserve infantry is delusional.

    Anyone who employs Tzu, Poole, Galula, Martino, and Mao would never go 'force on force'. But they would engage. On their own terms. Only when they can win. Doing thusly, they may just win and some of them may even live.

    Polygonal battlefield....remember?

    We, as today's "Three Percent" should be ready at a moment's notice to act in solidarity with others when it happens....which will probably be sooner than many of us think.

    Thanks for allowing my input.

    1. Trainer,
      As usual,your thoughts are always spot on. I've learned much from you over the years,and always look forward to your comments.


  8. You hit the nail right on the head. Good job.

  9. I think most in the Resistance understand the need to avoid 'set-piece battles" and toe to toe encounters with ANY .gov troops (LEO or Mil). 4GW warfare, asymmetrical engagements and Bosnia rules will be the order of the day.

    Being an insurgent does not means hiding or refusing to engage, it means making every action count, and shepherding our limited resources till they can be applied at the time and place of our choosing.

    I preach to our guys; Family, community, Constitution and Country, the order of importance depends on the threat in our AO at any given time. I agree with Dio in that the PATCOMs happening around the nation are a vital way to prepare our contacts for operating in an extended tribal/ clan structure.

  10. I have been saying for some time that at this point (as sad is it is) that I would welcome a colaspe although the outcome is far from uncertain. At best, it would thin out the heard and if people like me (and hopefully you) bide our time, maybe - just maybe it would level the playing field. I am okay living on wood heat, lack of viable communication (lack of television) and Wal-Mart shelves filled with everything daily routine (we are pretty self-sufficent where we live). Let it happen - I can not see our political/economic system turning around anytime soon.

  11. Trainer: I think we are very much on the same page.

    The architects of the original III, Adams, et al, were constantly guiding the movement on a fine line between activism and mob violence. They waited for the right time to strike, and then struggled to keep events from turning chaotic...until the time was right for full battle.

    Henry's speech was a timed affair...given 6 months earlier would have been imprudent and lead to a different outcome.

    We should all be ready at a moments notice, as you suggest - and wait for the moment when the enemy opens a line of attack to his throat, rather than wading in too soon and trading body blows.

    Daniel & everyone else: Thank you. We are all the III of our time, and the challenges before us are monumental.

    Stay safe.


  12. Sandman369 "Family, community, Constitution and Country" agreed. Timing and proper use of limited resources is essential when the time comes. Good for discussion Kerodin. Thanks and passed on...

  13. Absolute shame. Hope the Judge goes back to being a regular on FNC shows, instead of FBC.


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