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Monday, February 6, 2012

Concerned American

Consider this from Concerned American:

Stick to your damned knitting, folks.

Resistance elements need to max their PT and other training/organization efforts, while continuing to work on their reconnaissance surveys.

Support elements need to focus on materiel preparation and storage efforts, along with acquisition and refinement of skills.

Propagandists need to keep their efforts focused on building effective resistance, rather than the utterly-futile political arena.

Polygonal Battlespace. You must be working on all fronts at the same time.

The only statement I would qualify regards the utter-futility of the political arena.

Voting will not get us out of our current problems. That is a fact. But there will be a political space after implosion/Ruckus/TEOTWAWKI and work now in the political space to lay the ground holds value, for me.

There are natural allies out there to reach before the world changes.

If you believe in the concept of Tribes, never forget that the biggest, best-organized, best-equipped Tribe on the field is the Tribe made up of the Political Class. They have the resources. They have manpower. They have tools. They have millions of people directly on their payroll, with tens-of-millions more dependent upon their favor. They have the ability to take control of many of the critical factories that feed preps today, from bullets to beans.

Do not relax on any front.

Remember, hundreds of hot-dog vendors were conscripted for nothing more than the license to sell hot dogs. Comply with the Political Class, or they pull your card.

That Tribe has serious power.

Here's CA's piece.



  1. Good points RE: politics.

    Even if some RevWar2 were won tomorrow, without an "advance guard" political effort, it might be for naught.

    Whichever side has boots on the ground will fill the vacuum.

    And, if nothing else, there's always the "necessary fail" concept...


  2. Vacuum is dead-on target.

    No matter what happens, I don't think we'll see a Mad Max TEOTWAWKI. More likely we'll see a reset of Federal power on the gentle end of the spectrum, and if things get really ugly, an effective dissolution of FedGov and current State governments.

    But there will be people on the other side who want to get on with the business of life, and they will return to the vacant Government buildings, from City Hall to the White House, to start tending to business based on the model they have.

    If Liberty is to have a chance in that reality, we'd better have a LOT of well-armed, serious Patriots ready to step into the vacuum and defend their place.



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