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Sunday, February 5, 2012

MAIG: Traitors

Tomorrow, every Patriot should send an email or written letter, or drop a phone call to the NFL and ask them when they intend to sue MAIG for Trademark Infringement.

If they do not, then the NFL stands in agreement with the right to infringe 2A.

No organization that endorses or accepts the silent infringement of Natural Rights is worthy of a dime of your money or support.

Patriots - are you willing to give up your sports for the principle of Constitutional Rights?



  1. No NASCAR here after their Confederate reprisals.

  2. I would say since the sheep accepted being frisked like at the airport for the "right" to purchase 8 dollar hotdogs and 300 dollar seats, methinks as long as their team wins, NFL fans don't give a shit about being treated like cattle in the chute.

    Kind of sounds like political elections and high school, doesn't it.

  3. I have to admit that I am clueless.

    I'm not a superbowl guy though.

    Did some dry firing today, took some dogs running, and went to an old trading post / army fort with the family.

    As far as the traitor mayors go, I did quite a bit of dry firing today, as well. Of course the NFL is for 2A infringements. It brings in money. That's the name of the game. As we see from the meter on the upper right corner, we're a bit undermatched in the money category. For whatever reason.

    Maybe they're realizing that THEY are the reasons -and targets- for 2A.

    With years of record gun sales, I'd be scared, too.

    Football and corpulent, corrupt politicians?

    Not interested.

    Wanna make a point?

    Boycott any event that gives them air time. NFL? They couldn't care less about principles. They speak money. They speak viewer stats.

    Quit feeding them. Get your buddies together and publicly boycott them.

    Folks won't, though. Amerika's national religion is far too important.

  4. I have no idea what this post is about.

    I didn't watch the Superbowl. Football is the opiate of modern America.

  5. Rollory: The Mayors Against Illegal Guns ran an ad in the DC Market during the Super Bowl. Bloomberg and the other idiot were draped in NFL licensed gear - which in a political commercial is either endorsement or a reason for lawyers to get involved.

    We'll see how the NFL rolls.


  6. Interesting. I didn't understand what the post was about initially either. Then again, I've never seen the point in watching a bunch of grown men playing with eac others balls, as they walk around in tight pants, slapping each other on the ass.....

    I didn't do anything as constructive as AP though. I slept a lot, and played with my daughter on the couch. She's 7 months old and has a better hard-arch than a lot of MFF course graduates do.....


  7. I dont watch any sports or for that matter much tv at all. I read and watch less news and papers as well. I get most info from our community right here and around the sphere.
    I read many many books though on all kinds of topics. Between work,PT,and my wife i lead a pretty boring life by most peoples standards. Fuck MAIG. Most of those bastards have some kind of record anyhow,and i have no problem with that,except that they wanna disarm everyone.
    It's all just one big crazy circus. They no not what they are gonna get for the price of admission to what they wish to foist upon us....



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