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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Consider: Big Government

I don't often ask for a lot of discussion on this blog. I like to post questions or offer a point of view for consideration in solitude. I often recommend that we take discussions to CA's place, where the widest audience can get in on a topic.

But this post I would like people to weigh in.

The story at Drudge this morning is from CDC, sticking their noses into bread and chips.

My question: Is there any aspect of our lives into which Government has not interjected?

I've racked my brain, from the length of my grass in summer to the job I perform to pay for my food, to the car I drive to the clothes I wear and food I eat, I can not find a single aspect of my life that I can not think about for 60 seconds and find FedGov or StateGov or LocalGov influence, rules, regulations, taxes, laws...

Can you?



  1. The Question-
    Is there any aspect of our lives into which the Federal Government has not interjected?

    The Short Answer-

    We can choose to disobey laws, or ignore them, or remain ignorant of them, but I do not believe there is a single area of life that the government has not at least made an attempt to interject itself into.


    I found one.

    I don't think there has been any government attempts to control, influence or legislate anything concerning astral projection. ;-)


  2. Well, there are a few areas of my life that I am not aware of any governmental meddling- but if I actually paid attention to the "laws" I'd probably find they claimed "authority" over those as well. I'll not mention those areas because I really don't want someone to list the "laws" that apply- because that would just mean more "laws" I violate intentionally.

  3. Here's my contribution to discussion on this topic:

    NO, Nothing, and more of the same to follow from all versions/locations of gov't, at a faster pace then we've seen in the recent past.

    Gov't is currently behind the curve to catch up with the wave of very vocal public disapproval of their actions. Especially via the Net.


  4. ZERO - And the sad and scary fact is, almost none of the zombie masses realize the fact that it has happened incrementally, almost silently over generations.
    The people are asleep, as I personally AGAIN witnessed attending my local R caucus last night.
    God help us.

  5. A further comment:

    The gov't would save time, money (and loads of paper), if they simply legislated what the People COULD DO, be allowed to do, rather than chip away piecemeal at what the People cannot do.


  6. "Astral projection---for only ten bucks, I'll convince you that you left earth!" Oops, gotta have a license.

    For once, the answer is truly resolved with perspective. From the perspective of Govco, of course every second of our lives is controlled. That's the goal and they're people too, after all.

    But it's also why, from the individual's perspective, none of it is controlled except that which he allows to be controlled. That sounds naive, I know, but until the guy (or gang) with a gun is standing there forcing someone to do something, it ain't forced. The rest is ALL a choice, and it's just a question of what one decides, and how much one wants it.

    Ontological FACT: As we exist this moment, we ARE free and free to do whatever we choose. Some people already choose to NEVER interact with the State or its agents, and manage to do just that. Others allow the State to run their lives, from the moment they wake until the moment they die.

    Most of us are somewhere in between, trying to figure out the right balance. That's the problem with compromise. The good never gains; only evil does. That's why things never get better, only worse. More bad news...it'll never change until the good stops compromising with the evil. That's why there's such a strong undercurrent of apprehension. People know this deep in their minds, even as they're afraid to admit it consciously, usually for various emotionally-driven causes.

    That is, most of us are well past the learning phase.

    About the only thing missing is a clear understanding of what the good is. Then maybe each of us--being precisely what the good is--will stop compromising with that which seeks to destroy the good. Till then, it'll just be more and more of the same, each day bringing yet more fear and even less wealth.

    Now go ahead and tell me how that ain't right.

  7. When they started regulating crappers, we lost the country.

  8. My son has an etch-a-sketch toy that can be held upside down, shaken, and then like magic, the previous picture is gone. The only way we will ever get our beloved country back is if something catastrophic turns this country upside down, shakes the shit out of it, and then we can start over. I'm keeping a copy of our constitution and bill of rights in case people forget after our country is re-born. Maybe I'm delusional, but a patriot can dream can't he?


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