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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Enemies of Liberty think they are ready for the final fight...and they will push until they have it

When someone wants to pick a fight, he challenges the most deeply held convictions of his target. He seeks to offend on a base level, to reach beyond reason to that place where emotion and fundamental beliefs are kept. You'll note that most boys will throw once the taunts reach Mom.

He pokes. He insults. He forces the target into a position where emotion overrides reason and core beliefs demand a physical response in defense.

Catholics are the target, today.

Constitutionalists have already been dealt with...and we'll notice that Constitutionalists failed to react as intended.

Jews have already been targeted, by the direct and active support of their enemies in the world who would murder them all. They, too, failed to lash out.

Today the Catholics are rising up.

Will they be the group that gives strength to Constitutionalists and Jews and the other groups that have been bullied as the bully seeks his fight? Will they be the group in our future history books that will prove to have the strength of their convictions to throw the first punch in self defense?

We shall see.

But do not mistake the constant: The bully wants the fight. The bully is that group of Enemies of Liberty who want your subjugation.

They will not yield until they have their fight.

Brock's perspective, here.

AP's here.



  1. I haven't been following the Catholic thing. Isn't this over tax exempt status?

    Are they being coerced, or being threatened with economic (tax) measures like the rest of us?

    No matter.

    The New Testament was authored, largely, from prison.


  2. Brock posted on an Occupy group targeting a conservative political rally.

    Are you ready?

    Men, we either fight, anywhere we can, or we tuck tail and back up.

    I'm about sick and tired of talking and tucking.


  3. This one is worth catching-up on as a story. Obama is forcing Catholic organizations to offer free birth control.

    It is a direct challenge of their faith.

    He's pitting the State over Religion, and the Catholics are getting pretty riled up about it. It could be a spark.


  4. I caught up. I thought this was a given eventuality, considering the impending government healthcare takeover and all.

    It will be interesting to see the amount of defiance there will be over this.

    Too bad the majority of Catholics voted for him in 2008 (according to Reuters).

    It's ok to force Marxism (he has ALWAYS been a blatant Marxist)on others -until it affects one's own life or one's beliefs, I suppose.

    Having said that, I'll join them, if they fight.


  5. I am watching with keen interest. I think the progressives are gambling that the Catholics are too old on average to make a violent stand and the church leaders will never call for one anyway. If a church official with some power actually begins calling for an outright fight this could be the spark and the Constitutionalists need to support it.

    We will see

    1. Have you ever heard of the IRA....IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY. They were and are of every age and fought the Brits for decades. Don't underestimate RCs.

      DAN III

  6. Pioneer: I think the calculus is that the Catholics will lose either way. If they stick to their principles, they will be forced to either fight violently (not likely at all) or simply stop providing services through their organizations.

    If they stop offering services, they lose numbers and 10 years from now they will have a much smaller base of support, thus less political power.

    So, either way, the Enemies of Liberty win.

    It is a strong position for the Left, and they are playing it well.


  7. I posted this earlier, but afterwards I saw an article that said Hussein was back down, whatever.

    Catholic League Poised To Go To War In The Streets Over Mandatory Birth Control Payments

  8. I imagine this fight will be in the courts, not the streets. But with all the constitutional challenges with Obamacare, maybe one of them will be agreeable to the nine black robed lords.

  9. Don't underestimate the Catholics - think about the IRA. I can guarantee you that stateside Catholics will be getting major support from our Irish brothers over this mess.
    The Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest organizations in the world, for sure not somebody you want to piss off.

    1. Wirecutter, I would venture to say that the Catholics ARE the wealthiest organization in the world.

      Which is why this play is strikes me as so odd.

      Of all targets, this is the one group their strategy says back off and to leave alone based on their resources alone.

      Does the regime truly see themselves as being able to wield this much power?

      Perhaps I am just kidding myself?!? Like I said before, and odd target.

  10. Kerodin: You are falling for the propaganda ploy. If "birth control" were the only issue, most Catholics would not back the church. Most people think of birth control as condoms and the pill, the bigger issue is sterilization and the "morning after pill" a do it yourself abortion. By calling it birth control, the WH makes it look like the bishops are nothing but out of touch old men.
    Personally I think that the WH wanted the church to say "Well we can't do this and since we are whores for government funding, we'll just drop the coverage." This would create a new constituency clamoring for Obamacare. But being the amoral scum that they are, they missed the fact that Catholics might actually fight for their beliefs. This is not unnatural given that the constitutionalists and Jews folded, and the Tea Party was co-opted by the Republicans.
    I think Obama will back down quitely (it is an election year) and probe for another softer target.

  11. Anon: You and I are on the same page regarding motivation: This fight is about much, much more than simply "birth control".

    It is about the Left engaging a mortal enemy of secularism: The largest church in the world.

    The Left can not have total control if moral people remain powerful, and the Catholic Church is a powerful collection of (generally) moral people.

    This is a power play for world domination, engaging a powerful enemy in hopes of "killing" them.



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